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Types of Online Ads in Digital Marketing Industry

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From being static images that popped up at the top of e-commerce websites to being a regular part of the life of modern advertisers- Online Ads have evolved a lot since its humble beginning. Presently, there are wide assortments of online Ads you could utilize to run search and social media advertising campaigns.

However, for new advertisers, it can be befuddling getting a grip on the wide varieties of online Ads accessible. That’s why; we have arranged an exhaustive rundown of different types of online ads and attempted to give you the snappy definition as well for each type of online advertisements in this post.

So, let’s directly delve into types of Online Ads in Digital Marketing Industry-

Types of Online Ads

AdWords Ads

  • AdWords advertisements are Google online Ads available via AdWords, which is Google’s advertising platform.
  • AdWords is Google’s online advertisement network that connects advertisers with the online publishers/website owners.
  • You need to know the right techniques to write AdWords Ads that can get maximum clicks.
  • Click here to learn Google AdWords in 10 Easy Steps.

Google Search Ads

Search Ads

Google Search Ads

  • Google search Advertisements are online advertisements that show up alongside the SERPS when clients search for particular keywords on Google. Google Search Ads are PPC or pay-per-click advertisements, in which publicists pay for every click on their Ad.
  • Google’s PPC search Ads are overseen by Google’s AdWords Advertising platform that enables sponsors to bid on particular keywords, create advertisement content, set spending plans, and so forth.
  • To publicize on Google AdWords, you will have to make a Google AdWords Account.


  • PPC Advertisements or pay-per-click promotions are Ads in which the cost of publicizing is dictated by the quantity of clicks an advertisement gets.
  • AdWords and Bing Ads both utilize the model of pay per click Ads.

Facebook Ads

How to run Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

  • Facebook Ads are of so many different forms and each of them has their own kinds of pros and cons.
  • Marketplace Ads show up in the side segments of the Facebook site with a feature, image and a copy.
  • Promoted Posts are another types of Facebook ads that let publicists pay a flat rate to advance a particular post on their Facebook business page. The promoted posts achieve a greater number of fans and followers compared to a standard post.
  • Sponsored Stories demonstrate a client’s association with an advertiser’s page or item to the client’s companions and related networks. Sponsored Stories are additionally one type of Facebook Ads that can also show up in a client’s newsfeed.
  • FBX or Facebook Exchange is one of the most important Facebook Ads that actualize remarketing. Such kinds of Facebook Ads consider a client’s web surfing history details, giving an advertiser a chance to demonstrate an advertisement for an item, a client was taking a gander at prior on the same site.
  • Know here how to choose right Facebook Ads.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads in Digital Advertising

Bing Ads

  • Bing Ads are like Google advertisements in that they function as PPC ads do, means on pay per click basis.
  • Promoters can deal with their advertisements through the Bing Ads Services, some time ago known as Microsoft adCenter.
  • You can begin with making Bing Ads if you have a Bing Ads Account.

Twitter Ads

How to run Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

  • Twitter advertisements allude to the paid lifts that brands on Twitter can use to optimize the range of their tweets, advance their hashtags, or acquire more followers.
  • Promoted Tweets in Twitter Ads give sponsors’ tweets a chance to contact more individuals’ home feeds that offer a solid cluster of targeting features.
  • Twitter Ads additionally incorporate Promoted Accounts; giving sponsors a chance to be more often in Twitter’s ‘Who to Follow’ suggestions.
  • Promoted Trends features of Twitter put your custom hashtags in Trends bar, acquiring extra consideration and notice from the users.

Tumblr Ads

  • Tumblr Ads are available in a couple of noticeable formats – Tumblr Radar and Spotlight- That aids advertisers get included in territories where Tumblr highlights interesting accounts and content.
  • With more than 54 million clients posting 70+ million posts for every day that get over a large portion of a billion page views every day, the Tumblr Community is a dynamic and fruitful source for advertisers.
  • Tumblr additionally let advertisers enjoy sponsored Web Post Advertisements, which are bits of Tumblr content created by publicists that show up in clients’ fundamental dashboard feeds, incorporated with user-generated content.
  • Tumblr Ads have little dollar signs to stamp them as advertising content and with a specific end goal to post your online promotions onto the Tumblr stage; you will need to end up plainly as a Tumblr Sponsor.

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Google Display Ads

  • Google Display Ads are a type of contextual banner advertisements utilized as a part of the Google Display Network, which is actually Google’s gathering of network sites that consent to host display ads.
  • The Google Display Network likewise incorporates Google properties, for example, YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, and so forth.
  • Google Display advertisements may be content, pictures, or even video content. To serve online advertisements on the Google Display Network, you have to begin by utilizing Google AdWords.

Banner Ads

  • Banner Ads are actually picture-based advertisements that regularly show up in the side, top, and base areas of sites.
  • They can go broadly regarding design, size, and functions, and you will ordinarily discover them in a wide range of news-based sites, web communities and blogging sites.
  • Numerous sites business their advertisement space with Ad exchanges, for example, Google’s Display Network, or you can purchase the advertisement space in a similar way you’d purchase an advertisement on a daily paper.

Retargeting Ads

remarketing ads

Retargeting Ads

  • Retargeting Ads tempt a client to visit a website by considering the client’s past web history. At the point when a client visits a site, a retargeting cookie is joined to the guest, observing what pages and items the client visits while perusing the site.
  • Once the client leaves the advertiser’s webpage and starts traveling to different sites, targeting Ads can be made to show up in certain advertisement spaces, showing advertisements that particularly call out what the client was looking at the advertiser’s website prior.
  • Retargeting Ads have a tendency to perform definitely superior to general banner advertisements, with higher CTR and conversions. In case you’re now utilizing Google AdWords, you can easily create your own Google AdWords remarketing advertisement.

Flash Ads

  • Flash advertisements are standard Ads that utilize Flash design, frequently include intuitive components to attract prospects.
  • While Flash is yet utilized unpretentiously in certain display advertisements, the hokey flash ads are no longer considered as the popular form of online ads.

Mobile Ads

  • Mobile advertisements are promotions that show up on cell phones, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Numerous web-based social networking stages, sites, and applications offer their own special Mobile Ads choices.
  • In the event that you promote on Google AdWords, you can publicize to cell phones by using Enhanced Campaigns.
  • Digital Vidya Top 3 Tips To Enhance Mobile Advertising Experience.

In-Game Ads

  • In-Game advertisements are ads that may exist within PC or computer games.
  • A standout amongst the most widely recognized cases of in-game advertising is a billboard showing up in sport games.
  • In-Game Ads additionally may show up as brand-name items like weapons, autos, or garments that exist as gaming status symbols.

Reddit Ads

how to run Reddit ads

Reddit Ads

  • Reddit advertisements can be understood as Ads that include a feature title, optional photo and destination URL.
  • Reddit Ads take a shot at a bid-based framework, in which sponsors can set campaign spending plans and pick to what extent they need their campaign to keep running for. Reddit Ads take offer some of the unique targeting options and are quite cost-effective too, with minimal cost-per-impressions.
  • What truly makes Reddit Ads one of a kind are the features of voting and comments. Clients can upvote or downvote your advertisement, giving publicists a simple read on if clients like or dislike their ad. Every advertisement, similar to every other post on Reddit, has a comment area. This can be valuable for advertisers since it enables clients to give feedback that goes straight to the publicist or advertiser.
  • The best Reddit advertisements always think about their audiences. A youthful, well-informed people, for the most part guys, prevalently use Reddit.
  • On an entire, the Reddit people group is extremely careful about explicit marketing, so posting a Reddit ad can be somewhat similar to dealing with an onerous task. In the event that done correctly, Reddit advertisements can bring a considerable measure of attention and conversions for minimal effort. You can promote on Reddit through their site.

AdMob Ads

  • AdMob Advertisements are ads that show up inside mobile applications.
  • AdMob is actually Google’s mobile advertising platform, empowering application makers to make income off free games by offering promotion space, and enabling sponsors to get advertisement spots in the most well known mobile games and applications.
  • AdMob advertisements can show up as mobile-optimized text advertisements, picture based banner advertisements, or even interstitials advertisements, which utilize rich HTML5.

Email Ads

how to run Email Ads

Email Ads

  • Email Ads are like commercials sent to clients by means of web mail. Email advertisements can be utilized to tell supporters of specific promotions, new features, discounts, and so forth. Most email ads include a big picture with small content; clients won’t need to spend a lot of time reading email advertisements, so it’s imperative to make your message as clear and compact as could be possible.
  • Email advertisements additionally depend on a convincing headline to guarantee that a client will open the email. Email ads have particular rules to prevent email spams and as an advertiser, you need to be aware of that.

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Gmail Ads

  • Gmail advertisements in Google’s online email services are actually contextual Ads that are produced by an automated system that analyzes a client’s messages to find interests and points that are significant to the client.
  • While security advocates are careful about such practices, Gmail Ads are completely computerized and Google states that no people read client messages, just robots.

Video Ads

  • Video advertisements are developing in ubiquity as better web speed execution and online progressions make it quick and simple to watch Video Ads on the web.
  • The best video advertisements stay away from obtrusive advertising, and rather they select for instructive, how-to video content that actually appeals to clients in an organic fashion, with a few (assuming any) product recommendations attentively coordinated.
  • Amusing video advertisements likewise perform well; with some interesting video Ad campaign finding great success, particularly when an interactive component is included.

YouTube Ads

  • YouTube advertisements are the ads that show up on Google’s video-sharing site. Since Google has owned YouTube, advertising on YouTube has moved toward becoming almost as simple and adaptable as publicizing on AdWords.
  • YouTube advertisements give various targeting choices to advertisers along with a few Ad formats. YouTube ads can show up as banner ads, in-stream video Ads, in-video overlay ads and additionally in a few different setups as well.

Pinterest Ads

  • Pinterest Ads are basically bits of content pinned by advertisers and brands.
  • When advertising a particular item, advertisers make Pinterest promotions by including a dollar sign before the price amount to the product description that discloses to Pinterest that this thing is available to be purchased at that particular cost.

Instagram Ads

how to run instagram ads

Instagram Ads

  • There are right now no “official” Instagram advertisements, however, brands by being innovative and delivering Instagram pics let those pics get shared alongside user-generated content.

Vine Ads

  • Vine advertisements work in a similar way as Instagram ads do – there are no official Vine ads right now, yet many brands and publicists deliver Vine video advertisements that fill in as normal content based advertising, coordinating with general user created content.
  • Great Vine advertisements take a sign from other fruitful Vines by making 6-second content that emerges, regularly executing stop-motion methods.

Final Words

On the concluding note, I think the aforementioned list of types of online ads is one of the most comprehensive rundown of online ads in digital marketing industry.

Know here about Online Advertising Market.

I hope it helps you run the most befitting Ad campaigns as per your type of business and target audience.

To share your thoughts about the Ads that you would prefer for your kind of business, or to clear your doubts regarding any of the online ads mentioned in this list- Feel free to meet me in comments.

Wishing you a great success ahead- Cheers!

Engineer by Education, Marketing Influencer by Profession, and Creative Writer by Passion- Shivendra is involved in Branding, Advertising & Consulting in the domain of Digital Marketing over the years. His prior Digital Media experiences gave him an understanding of how E-businesses function- what works and what doesn't. He relies upon those learnings and uses the creative DNA for composing blogs that have the applied zeal to engage, entertain and inspire the readers- to Connect- Convince- Convert their target audiences via different digital media channels.
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