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Google Keyword Planner VS Keyword Tool Which is better?

Introduction: So you’ve learned that there is cash to be made from sites. By setting up a number of web sites you could earn money at home, become a billionaire and retire. Well, if it was as simple as all that anyone will be carrying it out! Once you’ve set up any web site you […]

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6 Best Alternatives To Google Keyword Planner

What is Google Keyword Planner? Google Keyword Planner tool has presented many difficulties to marketers and advertisers who are not willing to pay for keyword information. Fortunately, there are helpful alternative keyword research tools that can be used to collect all data needed. If you were an avid user of the Google Keyword Tool in your SEO campaigns then […]

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Top 10 Google Tools Every Marketer Should Use

Google is the king in the market of search and it will remain the same. Having a market share of 80-90%, it is important to learn about the variety of marketing tools provided by Google for free! You just need to implement those tools in order to be successful. The tools and resources provided by […]

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