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Top 3 Ways To Increase Alexa Ranking Quickly


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AlexaAbout Alexa

Alexa is a web analytics company owned by Amazon. Alexa is a refreshingly unique web analytics tool, very easy to navigate, extremely insightful and perhaps is the only tool having the feature of competition intelligence.

Let us look at the power of Alexa by taking an example- let’s say of the popular newspaper ‘ The Hindu’.

The Hindu has a web edition of its newspaper – ‘’.

Let us assume that the top management at ‘The Hindu‘ wants to analyse the effectiveness (reach, popularity, engagement etc.) of its online newspaper by using Alexa and also compare it with the same parameters of its competitors say NDTV. The management is using only the basic free plan.

Clicking at takes to the landing page as shown  below. At the right top corner, you can see a window ‘Enter a site’ – Alexa can give you analysis of any website.
landing page
On entering ‘’ in this window, you get details about the site-‘Site Overview’.

The first infographic about ‘’ is shown below.
site overview

This infographic gives you the Indian and global popularity ranks of ‘’. What’s more – it gives the movement of this rank in the past 6 months.

The next infographic is the monthly unique visitor data- estimated unique visitors, estimated visits and estimated pageviews. It also gives loyalty parameters- visits per visitor, pageviews per visit, monthly pageviews per visitor. This facility is available only in the advanced plan.
unique visitors

Next is the very visually appealing audience geography data as shown below.
audience geography
Next come the engagement metrics like Bounce rate, Daily Pageviews per visitor and Daily time on site as shown below.

Further, it shows the percentage of traffic on the website through search engine on a time scale.
traffic source

Then it gives the visited sites prior to ‘’ as shown below.


In the upgraded version, you can see the sites people visit after visiting ‘’.
follow up

Then it shows the sites that link to ‘’.

Further it shows the sites related to ‘’.

Then it shows the subdomains where people visit on ‘’.
sub domain

Then it shows the information on how fast the site loads .
This is an insightful data as it says that 94% websites load faster than ‘’ – an important feedback for the management to act upon.

Then comes the contact details for ‘’.

It also has archived pages of ‘’ for the last 20 years.

Now just see how visually appealing is the information on audience demographics .
aud demo

Site comparison( Competitive Intelligence)

Next is the very powerful and unique tool – comparison of ‘’ with other websites. We have seen earlier that the management may want to compare the performance of ‘’ with the on line news website of its competitor – ndtv. By entering the website url- in the space provided, the management gets the comparison of ‘The Hindu’ v/s ‘ NDTV’. This feature is available in the upgrade version .

Then comes a very interactive ‘dashboard’ – it has selection criteria to find ‘comparable websites’, keyword research tool, keyword query tool( a keyword is driving traffic to which website) and SEO audit tool.

Thus we find that Alexa is quite a powerful web analytics tool and it give quite a few actionable suggestions to improve your website performance.

How does Alexa work ?

Alexa ‘estimates’ the various web analytics parameters as discussed above for all websites. If the user wants accurate ‘site metrics’, he has to install the Alexa generated ‘tracking code’ on each page of his website. This piece of code then tracks the actual web data and hence is completely accurate. Then the user gets the Alexa certified ‘webmetrics’.

Alexa provides services like competitive intelligence, SEO audits, Keyword searches, keyword queries, accurate online intelligence that give actionable suggestions to improve the website performance. Thus the user can improve the popularity( traffic, engagement and loyalty) of his website on the internet.

Website ranking – A special feature of Alexa

The most special feature of Alexa is the ranking of websites. Alexa tracks website performance on certain metrics and ranks them in terms of popularity. These Alexa ranks are considered to be quite reliable and many advertisers depend upon the Alexa ranking of websites to display their advertisements. Needless to say that a higher Alexa ranking will attract more advertisers to your site and increase your potential for earning.

Alexa ranking can also boost traffic at your website as a high Alexa ranking implies that your website is already of a high quality.
top sites

Thus, it helps to get an Alexa rank to your website.

Top 3 ways to increase Alexa ranking quickly

  1. Unique Content:

    This is a primary requisite of any website . The content should be unique, original, of high quality and plagiarism free. Only such a content will attract traffic. So please ensure that your basic website is of good quality and has fresh content. Alexa acts as a catalyst to boost the performance of already good quality websites by fine tuning web parameters.

  2.  Write content regularly:

    Writing regularly boosts traffic on your website. Also sharing your blogs on social media helps your Alexa ranking.

  3. Get Alexa certified webmetrics:

    By this you will get accurate metrics of web analytics and these will be certified by Alexa. Hence these can be published and quoted. You will also get detailed recommendations for increasing web traffic( and overall performance).

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    • 1 year ago

      Arunkumar A   /   Reply

      Well. My rank is hanging around 13 lakhs .. Let me try out.

    • 1 year ago

      Vivan   /   Reply

      Thanks for sharing this type of blog. This blog is really useful and there Alexa improvement tips its rally works. My website Alexa ranking was 9,197,058 and right now my website Alexa rank is 2,521,049.

    • 1 year ago

      Joshi   /   Reply

      Thanks …..

    • 11 months ago

      Ron   /   Reply

      Alexa analytics is really great. They are in the business from very long. I think their paid plans can get really insightful data for good SEO for websites or blog and help rank better and get good traffic from search engines.

    • 10 months ago

      Shibam Kar   /   Reply

      Great suggestions. I’ll try to follow all the 3 steps.

    • 6 months ago

      Banshidharinfo   /   Reply

      Nice Tips Sir,
      This post is very helpful for me to Improving Alexa Rank of my Blog
      Thank you so much

    • 1 month ago

      Malisa   /   Reply


      Thank you so much for this amazing article, i am about to start my new blog, these strategies are worthy for me.

      Thanks again


    • 1 week ago

      Amihan Hsiung   /   Reply

      Thanks for sharing this post. it will really help me out to boost my Alexa rank.

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