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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Data Science

Data Science

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In-Demand Professional Courses

3 – 6 Month Courses for Entrepreneurs, Experienced Professionals & Freshers

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Perfect for entrepreneurs, wannabe  Digital Marketers, freelancers & professionals looking for upskilling in Digital

14 to 25 Weeks

Data Science Course

Digital Science Course
(Data Science & Machine Learning)
Perfect for existing students and wannabe Programmers, who want to build a career as a Data Scientist.

14 Weeks

Data Analytics Course

Digital Analyst Course
(Learn Excel, PowerBI & SQL)
Perfect for professionals dealing with structured data and students aiming to be “Business Analysts”

08 Weeks

Quick Skill Building Courses

Digital Vidya’s short term courses are a perfect place to develop a specific skill-set in just 2 - 6 weeks

Search Engine Optimization

Google gets 63,000 search queries per second. Learn to turn these searchers into customers through Digital Vidya's SEO Course.

4 Weeks 

Search Engine Marketing

For 85% of retailers, SEM is a top customer acquisition tactic. Digital Vidya's course builds your PPC skills to enhance your career & selling abilities.

5 Weeks

Web Analytics

The real power of Digital Marketing lies in Analytics. Learn to get deep insights into the results of your campaigns & understand how to improve them.

5 Weeks

Facebook Marketing

A platform with 2.32 billion active users means that Facebook is great for Marketing. A perfect skill to build for Entrepreneurs & Social Media Managers.

2 Weeks 

Inbound Marketing

Get trained on Digital Vidya’s tested strategy for Inbound Marketing & be ready to produce 54% more leads than traditional Marketing practices.

4 Weeks

Social Media Marketing

3.48 billion people use Social Media! Whether you want to build your brand, market your products, or manage a crisis, this is the skill to acquire.

5 Weeks

Email Marketing

The ROI of an E-Mail Marketing campaign is 440%. From building lists to nurturing leads, learn all that it takes to make sales using e-mails.

3 Weeks

Mobile App Marketing

Up-to 70% of web traffic comes from mobiles. From app marketing to app monetization, learn it all with Digital Vidya's super specialized course.

2 Weeks

Be ahead of the league with Online Learning!

Why Learn Online?

NASSCOM says that 40% of the Indian workforce needs up-skilling to stay relevant in the job market.

Learn about the great benefits of up-skilling online through a 1-hour Webinar.

Take A Demo Class

Experience the power of online learning!

Choose webinar time & interest areas as per your preference : )

Top Trainers

Each trainer at Digital Vidya has 10+ years of industry experience.

Attend from Anywhere & Save Time

Learn from anywhere with just a laptop & an internet device. Be able to save up-to 120+ hrs of precious travel time & invest them in learning.

Individual Attention & Collaborative Learning

Intensive classes, brainstorming & a vibrant Q&A community create a perfect environment for collaborative learning.

Interactive & Practical

Focus on hands-on, problem-based tasks that ensure practical learning.

Class Recordings

Missing classes is not a possibility, & revising your lessons a lot easier. You receive recordings for all your classes, so relax.

Lifetime Updates

Access to the revised content for a lifetime lets you get opportunities to participate in competitions & continue to sharpen your skills.

Our Awesome Clientele

Our Awesome Clientele

Our Media Mentions

Our Media Mentions