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Rate this post Company deals in retail and distribution of flowers, gift baskets, collectibles, Gourmet Food and Plants. It is headquartered in New York, USA.  It was founded in 1976. It is first of its own company who started selling their products on Telephone and use 24*7 toll free to take orders. joined Facebook in the year 2008 and till now it has 492k likes. Company is always known for its innovative ideas for promoting on social media. In the year 2011, launched a Facebook AD campaign with an outstanding marketing strategy as a result scored 4000 transaction in a single day through Facebook Advertising campaign.

Let’s look at the success story of how scored this:

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day in the year 2011, launched a Facebook Advertising campaign

Happy v'tine day

  1. It created three Facebook Ad Campaigns It embedded a Game and created an AD campaign in which it offered 50 Facebook virtual credits for Facebook games and also offered 15% discount coupon to its Fans.

Game Harvest your crop

2.  It showed a Facebook user friends who had interacted with the Facebook page

Facebook user interaction

 3.  It showed a sponsored stories Ad by the page displayed wall posts liked by Facebook Page

Sponsered story

Along with the paid campaigns it also integrated an application on Facebook page which allowed Facebook fans to  vote on their favourite flower arrangements, this application also displayed Facebook friend’s birthday and offered a  gift suggestions for each friend with an upcoming birthday.  From this it came to know which one is the most liked  product amongst the customer.

People opinion

 Accomplishments from this Facebook Advertising Campaign-

  • scored 4000 transactions through Facebook credits promotion
  • The Valentine’s Day campaigns run by increased engagement with the wall posts by 250%
  •  The number of people who logged in through Facebook credentials increased by 400%

Key strategies which we can learn from Facebook Advertising Campaign-

  • Integrating a Facebook Ad campaign into an existing Facebook Product such as games, Highlights your product, increase the interest in target audience as the game was on the similar lines of the product in which company deals with, it brought a fun part as well as rewarding on the same time i.e. fans who play game also received a discount coupon. It is an innovative way to attract to a new set of audiences.
  • Try to promote your brand when there is some festive season and people are more looking to purchase online as did branding on Valentine’s day occasion
  • Encourage customers to share their opinion, know the most liked product so that Customers feel valued for their opinion, other users also come to know what others like, and it links them to the product and built trust in them, thus empowering the purchasing decision. It definitely leads to increase in sales conversion. On the other side company gets direct feedback and also comes to know about the most liked product and can further work on or take necessary decisions, strategies to promote that particular set of products.
  • Engage customers in their personal experience by sponsored stories, First of all people like to talk, share their real life stories, they find it very interesting   As sponsored ads display activity from your friends in a fixed ad position, volume of activity in the wall posts can easily overwhelm, it is most personalized way of marketing as Facebook users are talking with their own Facebook friends for suggestion on purchasing the product. Sponsored Stories also ensure that activity on your page is still prominent. Sponsored ads contain actual activity from friends instead of generic Ad copy, hence they are an influential consumer-to-consumer promoting tool.

Customer is the king, and the company has to provide its best in other words an outstanding service. Now a day’s social media marketing is in the lead, People believe that they live in the connected world and being socially active is very important. In today’s social media battle where everyone is having its social presence and is marketing its product, it is very difficult to attract audiences, engage them and convert the users where competition is high on the same line of products, one should have out of box social media strategy, it has to be unique to attract enough to its audience which can engage its potential customers and convert them in buying the product

Facebook is one of the most popular social media for promoting business and can be used as a platform to spread a worth to mouth about your product branding, as there are millions of users visiting Facebook in single day It can be like “spreading a fire in the jungle”,  It can make a great influence  for your business as long as the marketing strategy is brilliant for your brand, as in this success story we have seen that how build an outstanding  marketing  strategy and scored 4000 transaction in a single day through Facebook AD Campaign.

This concludes that if you have a good marketing strategy, your brand can be recognized globally by millions of users on social media network. There is great chance that people interact with your brands, by sharing their opinions within their networks of friends and allow customers opportunities to purchase your products and thus increase your brand value.

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