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10 Email Marketing Tips To Solve Your Small Business Success Hurdles

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email-marketing-help-improve-sales-370x229Email Marketing sounds old fashioned. When compared with social media and mobile marketing – which is getting all the attention , some may say Email marketing is dead. Unfortunately, that is not the reality. With proper approach and techniques email marketing is even more powerful than social media. Email marketing being most preferred channel, the question is are you doing it right ? Here are few tips which will help to overcome the hurdles for successful email marketing:

  • Show An Easy Way To Subscribe:

A signup form on your webpage, blog or anywhere you think your customers are active. Keep it simple with few and necessary fields. Long forms may keep your customers away.

  • Tell Subscribers What To Look Forward:

During signup let your subscribers know what kinds of email you would be sending – newsletters, promotional, updates, transactional or service and how often would they be seeing it – daily, weekly or mouthy. Doing this the subscribers would know what they are upto and what you are up to as well and decide whether they want to be on the list or not.

  • Tailor Your Email With Your Brand:

The email template should represent your brand. It should contain your company logo, tag line and should make the subscriber familiar with your brand and look.

  • Keep It Scan-able:

According to recent study, on a average a person receives 105 emails per day. So your email would hardly get any attention. So Keep the content of email and the subject line scan-able. Keep the content precise and pointed. On one scan of the email your customer should know what is the email about and what are you trying to say.

  • Content Is King:

Keep the content relevant to the customer. If the customer has opted for a particular product , send emails pertaining to that product. Dynamic email marketing can be incorporated here and emails can be sent to customers with their preferences and choices.

  • Mobile Friendly:

According to data from Movable Ink way more than half of all email — a full 65 percent — is now being accessed via mobile devices in the U.S. SO keep your emails mobile friendly. Most of your subscribers opens your emails on mobile and if its truncated they might delete the email.

  • Test Your Email:

Check for the rendering of your email on different domains before you send it out. Emails render differently on different browser. Make sure to check your email rendering on mobile platform too.

  • Abide By The Rules:

An email template should abide by CAN SPAM rules. It must contain a relevant subject line with respect to the content, unsubscribe option, privacy policy and physical mailing address. And emails should be sent only for what they have signed up for.

  • Integrate Social Media Into Your Email:

Adding social media buttons into your email, makes the content of the email sharable and they can access the content on different social media platforms and it engages your customer and increases your database when they share it and people signup through it.

  • Know Your Stats:

Closing monitoring, studying and understanding your email marketing stats increases success rate. You understand your customers behavior, you would know what time is the optimum time to send an email, performance of the campaign – open/click rates.

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    • 5 years ago

      Ummer   /   Reply

      Mentioned valid points. Covered all aspects of email marketing but with limited contents. All these days I was at the receiving end reading many promotional mails. I think Subject line is very important. People open promotional mails from companies only when the subject line interest them.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Definitely a good post. Only two observations are there. It would be better if two subheadings are written as : ” Understand what your Subscribers Look Forward” and “Use Analytic”.

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