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10 SEO Mistakes That Hamper Business Growth

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If you are running a business and trying to be visible on Google to make revenue of it despite of using SEO then you need to make an improved SEO strategy. Committing mistakes is common but learning from those mistakes will lead to success. Given below are 10 SEO mistakes that may hamper business growth:
SEO mistakes

1. Disconnect Keywords

Keyword research is the most powerful tool for any SEO campaign. In case, it is ignored or improper research is done then it will affect the business growth. Targeting the wrong keywords affects the probability of potential traffic and customers.

2. Broken Link & Bad neighborhoods

broken linkLink building is one of the factors used to increase visibility. Never rush to establish links with bad neighborhoods. If you are creating links fast or in other words, spam link then Google will penalize your site. Thus, beware of playing games with Google.

3. Keyword Stuffing

Repetition of keywords kills the audience’s interest and affects the ranking of the page. One should involve more content instead of stuffing excess keywords in a single page. Therefore, it is vital to use long tail and relevant keywords.

4. Poor Content

No one wants to read the same content on a page. Content is the King. Never write the content keeping search engines in mind. Always remember that, it is not the search engine which will fetch attention of the audience towards your product/service.

5. SEO enemy URL

It has a negative impact on the business. Given below are the common mistakes in the URL:

  • Ignoring the consolidation of your www and non-www domain versions.
  • Avoidance of dynamic and relative URLs
  • Not specifying about canonical URLs.

The URL structure should be straightforward, meaningful and relevant for the business.

plusone_button6. Absence of Google+ business

Be active on Google+ and never give and incomplete description. Always prefer to write keyword rich description for business location and prior concentration is required on local SEO. Specify your business’s physical address, citations, image, local area code and maps. Since Google+ is a social media platform; therefore, one should provide regular updates about product/services to engage more audience.

7. Give Importance To Mobile Optimization

Mobile is the new face of sales. According to a study, Mobile commerce accounts for 23% online sales. However, only 35% of business have optimized their website for mobile. If someone optimizes it, then their design will be unresponsive, adaptive, mobile-specific platform and faster-loading mobile site. If these are ineffective, it will indirectly affect traffic, brand engagement, conversions and bounce rate of the site.

8. Shake Hands With Google Analytic

Google Analytics plays a crucial role in business growth. Absence of Google Analytic will definitely harm your business. It gives a clear cut idea about page views, pages per visit, bounce rate, average time on site, new visit, traffic source, referring sites, keywords and topmost posts & follow search engine guidelines too.

9. Anti-Blogging

SEO_bloggingBlogging is the latest trend for boosting  SEO. Don’t be an anti-blogger. Blogging helps your website to give natural backlinks and popularity. Similarly, like backlinks, guest blogging plays a vital role in branding of product/services. One should never forget to invite guest bloggers.

10. Anti-social

Nowadays, SEO and social media work altogether. But it doesn’t mean that you create spam accounts to promote product/services. Be socially active but on the other hand, do not degrade your reputation. One should make sure that comments, reviews, likes, share, retweet etc are received from customers on regular basis.

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    • 5 years ago

      Harish Bali   /   Reply

      I like your 10th point more, seo in its current avatar is so much about content and social media sharing is all about content sharing. I would rather say that if you are sharing content in any form, may be commenting on a blog post or forum, you are marketing your self and in a way, marketing your content..

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