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10 SEO Mistakes That May Be Hampering Your Business Growth

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SEO-Mistakes-to-AvoidSearch Engine Optimization is the best tool used for optimizing the website and increasing web traffic towards the site. In order optimize your website, you should follow a perfect SEO strategy to adapt best results. Improper SEO strategy will directly effect on ranking, web traffic and CTR percentage of website. With this direct effect, achieving your goal to attain high web traffic towards your website may become difficult. It is obvious to commit mistakes while adapting a new technique. Similarly, in the initial stage, you may commit some common SEO mistakes while adapting SEO strategy for increasing web traffic towards the site. In order to avoid such situation of committing mistakes, some common SEO mistakes are listed below which will help you in adapting proper SEO strategy without reflection of any mistakes.

1) Choosing Inappropriate Keywords

keyword listOptimization of a website mainly involves in choosing relevant keywords increasing web traffic towards the site. It is very important to choose relevant keywords as most of the web traffic towards the site depends on these relevant keywords which are used by visitors to search in different search engines. You should not ignore choosing right keywords for your website and you should cross-check the results by typing these keywords in the search engines to analyze your website visibility in the results page. By cross-checking, you can optimize your keywords, if you feel them as inappropriate to find your website.

2) Sticking To One Traffic Source

After optimization of site, you will find some main traffic sources through which web traffic is gained to your website. Most of them will  get relaxed by these sources thinking that they will help their website in gaining high web traffic. But you should not stick to one source rather you should diversify your sources by using social media, advertising sources like Ad Words to obtain more web traffic. After applying different sources for marketing your site, you should check which source is leading more sales and traffic to your site.

3) Neglecting Regular Optimization

search-engine-optimizationMost of the people will ignore maintenance of website with regular updates. They will optimize their site once and will avoid tracking its presence and position in search engine results page. They feel applying SEO tool once will be enough. You should avoid this mistake by updating your site content regularly and tracking your site position frequently. You should have a clear idea about regular percentage of web traffic towards your site and if any drop is noticed, then you should optimize you site accordingly. In general, visitors will be interested in present things itself rather than past things. So you should maintain updated information to increase more number of visitors towards the site.

4) Ignoring Content QualityUntitled1

Most important and attractive thing of a website is ‘Content’ only. Whatever tools and techniques you may use for optimization, without informative and attractive content, all will be useless. Until and unless you maintain attractive content, visitors will not visit your site second time. Writing attractive and informative content is important along with unique maintenance. Your content should be unique from other sites and quality should be maintained. Using relevant keywords, updated and relative information will hike your website rankings.

5) Using Spam Links

Inserting links in your website to certain keywords or images is good which is used to drive the visitors to relevant pages linked. While inserting links you should be careful in choosing proper links as some links may be spam. You should link only websites having relevant content related to your company and genuine sites with strict editorial guidelines. Avoid spam links as you may get penalized by search engines resulting disappearance of your site from results page.Link Spam

6) Using Same Keywords for Multiple Pages

Optimize each page using different keywords. Do not use same keywords for every page. By using different keywords for different pages, you can increase more number of visitors for each page with unique and relevant keywords. If same keywords are used for multiple pages then internal page competition may arise and content may get treated as duplicate affecting SEO of your website. Along with the home page, optimize remaining pages of your site to increase more traffic towards your site through these internal pages. Use only 3 to 5 keywords per page during optimization to increase site relevance. Using more number of keywords may reduce relevance to find your website.

7) Ignoring Google+ and Social Mediasocial-media-icons

Optimizing your site is not enough to market your website. Along with optimization, advertising your website is also important for achieving best results. Google+ has the strong influence in search results. You should link your Google+ account with your website to increase more web traffic towards your site. You should provide a perfect description with clear business location and strategy. You should specify business address, images, descriptive content related to your business, citations, contact numbers, local area codes and location on Google maps which increases number of visitors. It is the best social media platform for increasing web traffic. You should maintain updated content of business to engage with more number of visitors. Sharing your site link in different social media platforms also increases web traffic towards your site.

8) Avoiding Google Analytics

google_analytics_oficial‘Google Analytics’ is the best tool for analyzing the status of your website SEO. It is a set of different tools that helps you to optimize your site the best, compared to others. Most of them, who are new to SEO may do not have idea about ‘Google Analytics’. But you should not avoid this analytics as it provides a clear report of your SEO campaign. It measures the web traffic towards your site, cross-checks the content of your site if any plagiarism is applied, maintains ranking report of your site, measures revenue obtained by your site through CTR percentage. Apart from these, it maintains a clear report regarding page views, number of new visitors, click-through rates, page per clicks, bounce rates, average time on website, competitive keywords, top posts, main traffic sources etc. Even a new user of SEO should not avoid Google Analytics.

9) Do not Avoid Page Speed

10-factors-for-Page-Speed-improvementIf your website is taking more time to open, then users attention may get distract from your website leading to bad experience to the first time visitors. This may become enough reason for first time visitors to avoid second visit to your website. Less time consumption with more page speed will attract more web traffic towards your site with positive experience every time. Some users neglect page speeds which should be never neglected as it directly affects website rankings.

10) Reflecting Manufacturer’s Description

Most of websites are seen with similar description used by product manufacturers though they are marketing dealers of those products. You should avoid writing settled descriptions of manufacturers neglecting uniqueness of your description. Unique content maintained with quality and original description will lead higher visibility to your website. Along with this content, add some relevant images, videos and charts reflecting your product features increasing its unique nature compared to other sites. By maintaining audio and visual content with unique description, you may engage with more number of visitors increasing your business growth. Your website may stand in the top results with maintenance of these unique qualities compared to other websites.

Image Credit: Jonny Ross, Brand soft the world, Smashing magazine, Common seo questions, Dreamware enterprise, It squared, Search engine watch, Dotcom info way.

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    • 4 years ago

      Sumit   /   Reply

      very nicely described to avoid those very common mistakes which we do day to day. also tool has been described to avoid such generic mistakes to boost the business

    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Very informative article. SEO acts as the backbone for any marketing strategy. Choosing the right keyword becomes the lifeline of SEO. In many cases, Organizations are not able to understand that the real problem lies in the keyword selection. These important tips will definitely help to strategise the process.

    • 4 years ago

      Pratik Ahuja   /   Reply

      A good write up on what not to do while performing SEO!
      Helpful i must say!

    • 4 years ago

      sam   /   Reply

      Informative article. Here you described these all are very common mistakes but also important that we have to avoid all these mistakes if we want best growth of our business. And yes it is very true that selection of the keywords should be must. I agree it surely affects in terms of SEO. You covered full SEO elements which are helpful for optimizing the website and increasing web traffic of sites. Keep it up!

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