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10 Smart Ways To Do Profiling Customer’s Data

10 Smart Ways To Do Profiling Customer’s Data

Let’s start with understanding profiling; profiling is nothing but recording and analysis of a person’s psychological and behavioral characteristics. Profiling data can be used to predict their capabilities and categorize. We can get to know psychologically by directly interacting with customer and behavioral aspects by observing, asking close people with a customer.

So let’s quickly figure out 10 smart ways to do customer’s profiling:

  • Interact with customer as much as possible,
  • Be in touch with customer peers,
  • Look at customer daily activities,
  • Find out customer interests,
  • Collect information from every source,
  • Know about your customer personal details,
  • Enquire about where your customer spends,
  • Which location customer stays,
  • Travel frequency,
  • What is customer requirement?

Now let’s go one by one,

Interact with customer as much as possible:

When you meet customer try to make more conversation apart from your regular work. Try to find out his interests, when he usually checks his emails, which day he will spend time with his family and self.  Also find out where he is from (native place), habits, likes and dislikes. What is his future plan? Customer spending nature like what he would want to buy.

Be in touch with customer peers:

It’s very important to be in touch with customer peers as they will know better than anyone else to strategies things to perform better than others. Here you may come to know about what are your customer plans, behavior, financial status and current situation. This is very important to know to approach your customer and form individual strategies plan for your customers according to their financial status and spending nature.

Look at customer daily activities:

Approaching customer at a right time is very important. Hence focus on his regular activity where he goes entire day. It may happen that your customer visiting two three places in a day for the same business or he may roam for two different businesses. These details usually we will come to know from reception, his colleagues and friends. We can provide the best solution to our customer when we understand our customer insights.

Find out customer interests:

The more we know about the customer, the better offers we can provide. Find out customer geographic interests, in holidays which place he wants to visit, eating habits, whether customers prefer to purchase online or offline, if it is online how frequently he visits an online page. And what are the websites he prefers, why? On what basis he believes online products is it website reputation or product quality…etc…

Collect information from every source:

At every source collect the information about your customer, compare, scrutinize and save the data about your customer. I would like to mention here few common sources that everyone can get data about their customer. 1)Friends, 2)Family if you have a chance to meet them,3)Colleagues, 4)At the reception, 5)while talking to customer, 6)His competitors in case if he is doing business, 7)From the customers of our customer…etc…

Know about your customer personal details:

If you know about your customer personal details like Age, wedding anniversary, birthday details, likes dislikes and where he celebrates. You can offer customized plan/offers, which will help you to keep your customer very happy. But getting these details is not so easy. As we know where there is a will there is a way, while collecting documents without sealing from your customer for business purposes you may save it. You can also find out from the reception, colleagues, and friends.

Enquire about where your customer spends:

About customer spends is a bit difficult but these things we can find out from direct conversations. Ask the customer as and when the situation permits where he will spend his saving money like for future retirement plan, investment, and entertainment. To be precise which category he spends more we can set deal with customer accordingly.

Which location customer stays?

Knowing customer location can play a significant role while dealing with customer service. In term reach customer, offer relevant products based on locality.

Travel frequency:

Customer traveling frequency is important to know how many places visits, which places and why? This information will enable us to reach fast customer services.


What is customer requirement?

Very important to know what is customer need rather what we want to sell. Based on profiling information of the customer we need to personalize the message and we should approach the customer as per his need.

Hence I would like to say in conclusion:

Have all the possible information about your customer; maintain the separate record for each customer. Segment your customer list according to their interests, habits, financial status, gender, geographic wise…etc….After segmenting your list customize the messages according to each segment of the customer list. Every six months or periodically update your customer list. If you can do all these things your success rate will become very high. Further more all the best for implementation. In case if you want to learn more about profiling you can click here.

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