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10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Must Be Really Careful About

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mistakesSocial media marketing, as we all know forms an integral part of all marketing efforts by any company. For any business which wants to enhance its reach and wants to target specific audience, social media is one of the best bets. However, one has to be pretty careful in coining strategies for the social media platforms. It is a double edged sword,  as  good communication can add more admirers while  bad communication can add up to the negative publicity and dent the social reputation and credibility of the business. Following are 10 social media mistakes  to be careful about, while operating on social media networks.

1. Being Overly Promotional

overly promotionalThis happens when brands only talk about products and services on social media channels. Businesses should strive to strike a dialogue with their audience while the product or service should only be a part of engaging online social media conversation. Over  promotion of the  product on social media channels is likely to project the brand  as one, which  just focuses on building up the number of sales, rather than  building up a good relationship with  clients.

 2. Spamming Or Over Posting Of Content

Social-Media-SpamThis is a fast ticket towards  having people “unfollow” you on social media. What constitutes spamming is different on each network, e.g. on Facebook and Google+ one should not be posting more than twice a day. On YouTube , one can think of posting a video once a week. Remember that not every video has to be professionally made,  as social users do not expect perfection but they do expect conversation. Spamming or over posting can easily put off  fans and earns a bad social reputation for the brand.

 no reply3. Starting A Conversation But Not Following Up

Starting a conversation but not continuing it, does not cut a good figure with the followers. A major mistake that brands generally commit is, asking  people to answer questions  and then not replying, thus making  it a one way conversation. This puts off the audience and leads to failure of brands on social media. Always keep track of  audience’s comments and make it a point to appreciate or at-least reply to the comments.

4. Not Having  Goals Or Tracking Right Metrics

goalsUndefined goals or having very few metrics, like, only tracking fan growth and sales, does not give a brand the required results. Instead a brand should focus on how fans can be approached socially. A brand should set goals or metrics as to how many fans replied or commented, how many followers re-tweeted the comments and how many  shared the post or put the post as ‘favourite’. Setting up definite goals and engaging fans socially and holistically impacts a variety of metrics and how it delivers measurable business value to stakeholders across the organization.

5. Having Too Long or Too Short Social Campaigns

rightlengthMany campaigns are either for a short or long duration or run for a  single day. Unless the target is flash sales or a particular day sale market for e.g. Sunday flea market, tend not to work. For example. a brand ran a campaign for the whole year but they allowed daily entries making it wildly successful. Thus, when you are designing a social campaign try to make it for a particular time period i.e. weekly, fortnightly, or monthly etc. so that you are giving your campaign enough time to yield favourable/desirable results.

 6. Giving Away Prizes Irrelevant To The  Social Campaign

Often it happens that  brands give away sweepstakes prizes that are not relevant or tied to the value proposition of the  company or the product. It is the job of the brand to give  only the prizes that would appeal to the target audience. A Free iPad, for instance, does not fetch quality leads, while giving an iPad to a contest winner along with an opportunity to be featured on a post, cover page or the official website can certainly strike a chord with current and prospective audience.

7. Not Having A Brand Voice

brand-voiceJust publishing mechanical  information rather than being conversational will never attract  the desired attention. A case in point is GrabHub and VitaminWater which have great brand voices and so,  they are fun and appealing to  audience in  their target age group. Always keep in mind that a brand should give a personal  feel to the audience. Zico is another brand that does a great job with brand voices. So one should aim to craft a brand voice that is likeable, unique and has a recall value in social media.

 8. Launching A Social Campaign Or App Without Clear And Defined Goals

define goalsIf social media managers launch a social quiz or poll campaign with no goal in mind,  then they are  unlikely to get the desired results. If an app in social media is being used, then one should consider what is its relevance and what does the user get out of this? What is the strategy and plan? Once it is assured that  all the campaign’s goals are in line,  then go ahead with the launch of the campaign.

9. Launching An Off Social Media Promotion Without An Ongoing Promotion Calendar In Place

social-calendarThinking of social promotions as one offs and not having a larger content or campaign calendar to continue the engagement after the major campaign is over, does not auger well for a good social media reputation. For example,  if  in  a campaign  something  new is revealed each day, like a prize or an exclusive piece of content or offer,  but there is no consistent promotional calendar in place for the duration of the campaign, then people will probably show up for the first day but then,  forget to ever come back. So, despite initial traffic for some time, there will always remain a  lack of actual number of conversions.

 10. Not Rewarding The Viewer/User For Engaging With The Brand

loyalty-rewardsThe audience wants either recognition or prizes,  e.g. a  favourite fan’s comments can be featured. If  nothing is being given  away as a reward, then at least   featuring the audience on the cover photo or the website can be done, in order to generate more submissions. Always remember to acknowledge the audience’s efforts as it instils a feeling of positivity among them, which leads to positive word of mouth and enhanced engagement.


Thus, social media marketing efforts of any business should be designed while keeping in mind the above stated pitfalls. Social media marketing can act as a boom for a business if  the campaign is carefully designed, paying close attention to the target market audience’s activities. This would  further help  to build and cement the brand  reputation in the social media ecosystem.

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