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10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Huge Business Success

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SMMAs a reader of blogs or as a marketer, you may be coming across different types of posts on different Social Media platforms. In addition to that there are plenty of lists of tips are available on social media to (mis) guide you. There are many self-declared experts to pump out money from your pocket in the name of consultancy. Just don’t be scared. Have confidence on your own capacity and skills. You can do wonder by being patient and watchful on social media space. Following are some unconventional tips, which you may find very much useful to leverage Social Media Marketing.

1. Never consider Social Media as the savior of your business

Are you a new entrepreneur? Are you an established businessman? If not, do you feel that your business is bleeding and you are losing ground? Whatever might be the context, social media is never to be considered as your savior. Also, you may be doing some serious mistakes, if you consider social media as the best available alternative to conventional print media. Sincerely speaking, it’s not an issue to find out which one is the best, but we need to seriously think about creating a synergy and holistic integration between the two. Social media, as is perceived and experienced by many marketers and companies, may be accepted as an important value addition to our future business/marketing plans.

2. Don’t use Social Media as a platform to win market competition

On print media and TV, you may be involved in marketing war. But, social media is never such a platform to compete with each other and flex the muscles. Never try to follow others or benchmark the perceived best practices. Always try to be unique in terms of your contributions, contents, sharing and even participation styles. Never compare yourself with others and never compete with others on the social media space. There may be some followers who like you as well as your competitive brands. They are there because individually they like the unique offerings from both of you. So, be unique, establish your uniqueness and leverage your uniqueness to channelize the sales funnel.

3. Understand your purpose and be consistent and effective

Firstly, never make SALES as your primary goal on social media. You are there not to sell your product directly but to educate and aware people about your offerings, how do your products and services solve their problems and connecting people (bonding) with your brand. Its more an image building and branding, where ‘sales’ could be considered as an outcome of our social media activities.

4. Understand what attracts and satisfies most of the people on a particular Social Media platform

Understanding the demography is more important. People join different platforms for different purposes. Their expectations change according to their age groups, professions, values and other interests. The expectations of people on Facebook and LinkedIn are obviously different. Similarly, the audience experience will different on Pinterest, Twitter and Slideshare. An intelligent marketer must understand the appetite of the people and then s/he has to match it with his/her offerings. If it is done very carefully and addressed in the contents, postings and sharing, then it can create synergies across social media space and lead a campaign towards success.

5. Don’t be very critical and compulsive about tactics and strategies

Don’t inherit and carry your offline tactics and strategies on social media. In fact, no conventional strategies are required to run a campaign or advert on line or on social media. It’s all about understanding the context and responding to that. It’s a straight approach and so no tactics or strategy is desirable there. We use strategy if we have challenges from our competitors or market. On social media we need to concentrate more on ‘opportunities’, not the threat per se. So, we need to be more open, relaxed, innovative and creative than ‘compulsive’. It’s all about creating energy on the platform not draining energy. There lies the beauty of social media.

6. Don’t blindly follow the views of experts but listen to data and analytic

On social media space, no one can make you an expert by giving you tips or sharing other expertise. It’s a platform where you have to learn it by yourself through your own efforts. You can refer the learning points from others, but don’t blindly apply those for your purpose. It may turn fatal for your campaign. You can develop your insights by looking in to data / analytic reports etc.

7. Your attitude is the king, not the content always

Yes, it’s not the content but the attitude you convey through it, is the potential king. If your attitude is right and it connects to people, you win. If not, you may lose even after posting rich contents. Don’t be overconfident with your knowledge, skills and efficiency. It’s your ‘effectiveness’ that matters the most. So, put relentless efforts and be consistent to attain effectiveness and excellence.

8. Nurture and chase realistic expectations. Don’t be overambitious on Social Media

Don’t be crazy by looking into the ‘results’ achieved by others. Never nurture unrealistic goals. Be serious about what you are doing and do it sincerely to satisfy appetite of the people. Make people happy and lead them to have more excitements and experience. It may take some time, but you can very much create a viral sensation to reach millions.


39. Don’t stick to any particular platform but leverage the best possible combination

Someone says, ‘don’t be on every social network’. This may not be a universal guideline. It depends on your business goal, nature of your organization and product and your level of willingness to create synergy on social media space. If you are selling decorative articles, photo frames and gift items, then you must leverage Facebook and Pinterest. If you are a consulting agency, LinkedIn and Twitter would be effective for you. Similarly if you are a blogger you need your presence in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and other popular social media. It depends on how much time you can spend on navigating all the sites and tracking your audience and followers.

10. Continuously evaluate your performance and learn from it

Yes, it is essential. Don’t do anything sporadic and unplanned. Learn ‘how to run campaign’, ‘how to use Twitter and LinkedIn’, ‘how to do SEO’ etc., before you start your activities on social media space. If you plan and execute your activities, you can later develop insights from ‘analytic reports’ and your campaign data. A systematic and goal oriented performance need to be measured and evaluated periodically to generate data based feedback to improve further.

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