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10 Social Media Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Business Growth

10 Social Media Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Business Growth

10 Social Media Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Business GrowthSocial media is an excellent way to drive repeat business and to attract new customers irrespective of the type of product and services offered. Social media is getting popularity even among the small business owners and it has changed the way marketers connect with prospects and customers. Hence, it is necessary for any business owner to equip with the latest social media marketing strategies and come out with ideas. Here are top 10 Social Media Marketing tips to accelerate business growth in the online space.

1.  Care about the target audience: Blogging is one of the best ways to engage with fans and customers. Write blog content for the target audience and write about things that the community members interested and wants to know. Keep an eye on blog frequency too, as the marketers who blog everyday create 5 times more quality traffic than those that post weekly.

2. Evaluate ROI of social media channels: Calculate social media ROI by tracking the performance of each channel with respect to other established  marketing and advertising methods in the market. Compare the quality of traffic that  each channel drive to the website and value the social media channel accordingly.

3 No hash tag-stuffed tweets: Do not use hash tag-stuffed tweet method to drive traffic and click through rate. As per the study conducted by Argyle Social, tweets with hash tags received 5% lesser click-through than the one without hash tags.

10 Social Media Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Business Growth4. Twitter is a powerful medium to influence people so keep a watch on its SEO potential. If a marketer follows more number of people than his/her followers, then that would affect the twitter account’s SEO potential. Get popular on Twitter network and thereby get more followers which will eventually boost traffic to the blogs and sites linked from each tweet.

5. Tweet professionally: When tweeting a message, keep a positive, classy and professional tone. Avoid posting depressing and vague contents that are not core to the matter of discussion. Use Twitter platform to promote articles written on the company websites and blogs. Tweet several times about the recently published blogs and track the success at regular intervals for different keywords.

6.  Getting more RT is the primary objective as it can drive traffic to the blog post and boost SEO. Stop self reference in tweets as it can reduce RT count and engagement from the followers. Keep the information relevant and useful to the fans and followers.

7.  Use Twitter’s Geo-location search option to identify local prospects and connect with them. Use Twitter’s advanced search to refine search by location and the keywords. Change the marketing strategy based on the social and economic factors of the area that the company want to focus.

10 Social Media Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Business Growth8.  Running a forum or building a community blog? Develop engagement with power users by appreciating them for their contributions. Get feedback from valuable contributors and reward them with prizes and discount offers. The idea is to show the gratitude for their interactions and quality content.

9.  When blog about the product and services, keep the target audience in mind and be aware of things that motivates them. When interacting with the prospects online, do not explain much about the products and services, but give more important to explain how these products and services could be helpful to the users.

10 Social Media Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Business Growth10.  Come up with social media contests and use these contests as an opportunity to learn more about the customers and  their requirements. Ask probing questions to understand what channels people regularly to learn about the company’s brand, product and services. When the company makes any mistake in social media, own up to that mistake and address the audience appropriately.

Finally, add social sharing and follow buttons on all company sites, blogs and emails. Adding social sharing buttons on each email send out from the company offices is one of the most effective ways to boost traffic.

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