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10 Successful Tips In Social Media Marketing

10 Successful Tips In Social Media Marketing

Today Social Media Marketing has become very critical as far as online marketing is concerned, where companies are marketing their products and services through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Today almost 75% of the major companies are resorting to social media to promote their brand, which clearly indicates its importance among organizations.

There are billions using social media to interact with friends, see what is trending, establish connections etc. In order to attract your audience towards you, leveraging via social media marketing with powerful content is a must.

Therefore, it’s vital that you understand social media marketing with the help of these 10 tips that will help build a foundation to attract a huge audience for your brand and, more importantly, your bottom line.

1.) Define a Clear Roadmap:

The first step to success in social media marketing is to have a well-defined goals and objectives that need to be achieved. Objectives and goals can vary from organization to organization and across industries. Some of the basic objectives that company may want to achieve are as follows:

  • Lead Generation
  • Selling Product or Service:
  • Visit Website
  • Establish Connections
  • Feedback:
  • Information
  • Event Updates
  • Offers/Discounts



2.) Have a Human Touch To Your Campaigns:

In order to be successful in Social Media, no matter what the platform is, organizations should have a personal interaction with their fans. Since Social Media is all about social interactions, companies should create a platform where customers can talk to the brand and not just a logo. Address your fans by their name, wish them during their birthday, anniversary. Talk to them in a first person tone and put your name as a signature at the end of the post. Also, brands should ensure rapid and unbiased responses to posts by customers in order to ensure a smooth and continuous flow of communication whether it be a complaint or compliment.


3.) Select the Right Social Media Platforms:

Just for the sake of marketing on social media, many companies have an online presence on every social platform whether relevant or not. As a result, this leads to waste of time, money and efforts.

Many companies are confused on which platforms should they invest their money. The simple answer is where your customers are. Find where they are hanging out and how they engage themselves in these platforms. Choose those platforms and align your business goals by marketing productively to them. There are a number of ways to know which platforms your customers are active. You can find out by asking them through surveys, feedback forms or you can check if there are communities that have similar characteristics in line with your business. It is also advisable to have a channel plan for each platform where you intend to have an online presence as each goal can differ from platform to platform.


4.) Post Quality and Timely Content:

If you post quality content in order to build your online audience, they’ll share it with their friends and family via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. By sharing of your content, it gives you a ticket to enter search engines like Google to find it in keyword searches. This can provide you more potential ways for people to find you online. The content you post on your social networks should be the same content that your audience is looking for. Ensure your content is consistent across platforms. Posting specific content eliminates confusion and allows people to know what niche you are in. Know the best days and times to post for your industry and demographics. Ensure to mix up your content with visual elements like images and videos because they are easily digestible with people.


5.) Leverage on Social SEO:

Every social network has their own search engine which helps users to find what topics are trending, what is being discussed etc. While launching your campaign, ensure that you come with keywords that have a high rank that is most searched for and use those keywords in your campaign posts, in order to generate attention.


6.) Target Your Influencers:

A voice of your influencer is a person that you can trust and can become an authoritative voice for your brand. Influencers in social media are people in industries who act as advocates for your product and create a large base of loyal social followings. Before you launch your campaign, create a list of influencers in your industry who may be able to help you spread the word about your campaign. Even one influencer can get you thousands of new followers. Before you reach out to the influencer, ensure you come up with a good pitch on why your campaign will benefit his/her followers.


7.)Involve Your  Customers:

Get the best of your loyal customers. Encourage them to engage with you by chatting with you which can enable you to know them better. Promote their success on your business’s page if they’re relevant. On the other hand, you can get them to post/tweet to be part of a contest, or make publish testimonial posts or even make testimonial videos on why they like your product.


8.)Provide Attractive Offer/Incentives:

Remember whenever you launch a social media campaign, always ask yourself this question: what is in it for my followers if they see my campaign? You should always have a good reason customers to make it worth their while when they spend time on your campaign. This can be done by giving them discounts, contests, gift cards too. You can also promote your active customers too by declaring him the customer of the month or something on similar lines. By doing this, customers will start getting attracted towards you and will remain loyal in the long terms.


9.) Monitor Your Success:

After the launch of your campaign, review your success metrics. Check whether the goals that were defined were achieved or not. If not, what do you think could have been better? Also, check whether replies given to your post/tweet are positive or negative in nature. Even if your campaign has turned into a success, see if there is more room for improvement and research more innovative ways of attracting traffic in your next campaigns.

Measure Your Growth Ruler to Review and Assess Progress to Goal

10.) Conduct Follow-Ups:

Always follow-up with all of your new contacts you have generated from your campaign. Building a long-lasting relationship with contacts requires following up for days, weeks, months and years down the road. Leverage on social CRM to identify the connections you made during the campaign and reach out to them through emailers or rather approach them directly by Tele calling or sending one your salesperson to meet them or interact through social media.



A social media campaign offers you a good strategy to gather demographic information, customer feedback, creating email lists, promote a specific product or service and more. Always design your campaign based on the goals you define.

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