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10 Successful Tips To Master Google Analytics

10 Successful Tips To Master Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools today that gives you insight about activities performed by your audience while they are at your website. With the help of Google Analytics, you can find out the volume of your website traffic, track various sources from where you visitors come from and what actions they performing and moreover learn and analyze when your users visit your website over a given period of time.

Therefore in order to achieve success in Google Analytics, here are 10 successful tips that can help you master it:

1.) Find Out Where Your Audience Are Coming From:

Analyze the source of where your audience is coming from as it can prove to be useful. Most cases, users come to your website by seeing content on social media websites, blogs etc. These are known as referral websites. To see which referral sites drive the audience to your website you can, follow these steps in your Analytics account: Acquisition > All Referrals. Once you have found out which referral sites bring traffic to your websites you can get a precise idea how many visits did each site generate in a given period, how many pages did they visit. This can be very useful as you can get a sense of where you can promote your brand. Moreover, analyze which locations and area your audience belong and accordingly you can target them geographically.


2.) Define Your Goals For Google Analytics:

Setting up goals is an important component in Google Analytics. Many websites don’t define their goals and as a result, their campaigns go haywire. Goals help you to pre-determine what you want your visitors to do when they visit your website. One way of being clear about is what goals you want to achieve by categorizing your goals into micro and macro goals. Basically macro goals are primary goals like visitor making a purchase, filling a lead form making an appointment etc. They are basically business goals. Micro goals are secondary goals like downloading a brochure or watching a video or enquiring for more information. Most often micro goals and macro goals are directly related. The benefits you get out of this is that you can optimize your website to its full potential and develop multichannel strategies.


3.) Take Advantage Of Social Media:

Social Media channels can provide you social network referrals. Social network referrals talk about social media sites which are built by user input in the form of Facebook posts or tweets, comments on articles or sharing of articles. This data proves to be useful as it provides you an insight towards how many fans are sharing links online, and how many people are clicking on them. By looking into social network referrals it is much easier to find out where the traffic is coming from.


4.) Link your Email Marketing Traffic:

As many companies resort to Email Marketing, it is better to inculcate it to Google Analytics, to know whether your emails are working and are helping you to get you traffic, Email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, GetResponse, and Vertical Response enables you to track traffic from links that are embedded in your emails from your email campaigns. Moreover, Google Analytics allows you to set up tracking for your automated mails as well as campaign archived pages.

kh-google-analytics-integrations-mailchimp-15.) Pay Attention To Mobile Visitors:

Today we live in the smartphone era. The majority of people use their mobile phones to access websites and as a result, this has created a new avenue for marketers to tap on. Mobile traffic makes up a lot of your traffic that visit your website. Google Analytics enables you to identify which devices users are using to access your website: AUDIENCE > MOBILE > DEVICES.

Moreover, you can find out their average page views and time spent on your website. As a result, this can help businesses to optimize their website which can boost sales and generate customer information.


6.) In Page Analysis Report:

In page analysis enables you to find out the percentage of users that have clicked on your page. Figures are shown in the form of graphs that can make the analyst easy to understand. This feature can be found under Content>>In-Page Analytics. This kind of feature can be a novelty as it gives a better perspective of your traffic flow. It enables you to analyze where exactly in your webpage customers are most attracted and visit the most and where all customers have not visited at all. As a result, this can help you to design your webpage with the right and relevant content.


7.) Set Up Event Tracking:

Always use the Event Tracking feature because it enables you to find out interesting activities performed by your audience like if they have a signup on your subscription form, or if they have downloaded your video or how many times they have purchased a product from your mobile app. By event tracking, you can strategize your promotion tactics accordingly.


8.) Locate Your Bounce Pages:

Always find out those pages from your website where customers visit and exit immediately. By finding out those web pages, you know where you are going wrong. In order to find out bounce pages in your website you can go to the flowing path



9.) Analyze AdSense Metrics

Google Analytics enables you to determine which users are clicking on which pages and converting themselves as leads. As a result, this kind of data can help you to plan which spots in your websites you can put up your advertisements.

In order to check out data from AdSense, below is the path



10.) Google Analytics In Real-Time:

Google Analytics provides you the feature of tracking your visitors real time through Real-Time>Overview and displaying the results immediately. This saves you time and provides you deeper insights towards studying your visitor’s behavior and his interaction with your website. You can see which page he is viewing at the moment and moreover from which location he is visiting.  By analyzing real time you can see where you are going wrong and correct it immediately.



Google Analytics can provide you great insights through thorough analysis. Moreover, ensure to collect data that is relevant and important to your business success. By using Google Analytics efficiently, you can stay ahead of your competition.

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