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10 Successful Tricks To Efficiently Leverage Mobile Marketing

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mobile marketing tipsRecently, on 21  April Google announced one very important update in search engine algorithm. The announcement was to give more privilege to mobile friendly sites in search engine ranking. That means now if you want to stay in the competition you have to be present on mobile. Also, Indian big e-commerce giant’s myantra, Flipkart, snap deal launched their Apps for shopping with the huge offers. The reason is the number of smartphone users is rapidly increasing as compared to desktop users. One of the most important benefits of the mobile friendly website or mobile marketing is you can contact your customer anywhere. So, whether it is new start up or old well-settled business everybody has to change with market competition. Just having mobile Apps or mobile friendly website is not enough. You have to design mobile marketing strategy. Let me tell you some interesting mobile marketing tricks.

1) SMS

Yes, this is the short and sweet way of marketing. You can convey your offers, discounts or new launches through SMS. But make sure that it should not be boring, lengthy and complex in language. It must be written in a simple, clear and attractive language. You can insert some CTA’s in SMS for further move. You may also ask the customer that what kind of content they would like to receive. Depending upon the response, you can send them appropriate content.

2) Stay current with trends and technology

It is quite difficult to absorb all the new inventions and technology in your business and it may increase you budget. But as per the demand some changes in marketing methods is also important. For example, identify the latest trend in social media. Say it is Pinterest and Instagram. Then make sure that you must reach to the audience through these two social media channels as well along with the other popular channels. Don’t forget to update all your communication channels on time.

3) Do not use separate domain for mobile website

Many times organizations create a different domain for the mobile website and normal website to avoid more workload. But from the consumer point of view it may create a bad impression about your brand. Customer may find different content on the mobile website and normal website. It may confuse the customer which may result in losing the customer. To avoid this, make sure you use only one domain for both the website.

4) Compatibility test

Different users use different mobile devices. So before launching the mobile website, first check your website on different devices, operating systems, different screen resolutions, etc. For this, you can take the help from development companies who has storage of mobile devices for testing.

5) Test Navigation

Before showing content to the customer it important to reach or contact the customers. So make sure that customers, users will find you easily on Google map and contact you on correct number or email. It important to test all your landing pages, CTA’s external links, anchor text are directing correct web pages. Along with this, another important thing to test is internal navigation. make sure that all the internal links are proper and directing correctly. Also, try to minimize screen scroll as it may distract the reader.

6) Utilize pay-per-call option

Pay-per-call may be the big opportunity for the advertisers having call centers. The big benefit of this is mobile search should be a top priority for advertisers in pay-per-call. Google’s latest  update regarding mobile websites clearly indicates that mobile is a growing force in determining consumer trends.

7) Maintain Elegance in Email

Email is the another most effective and cost efficient way to communicate with your audience. Nowadays, most of the people access their email account on mobile. So is nice to offer an elegant mobile experience from the start only. Your initial welcome email must be perfectly optimized for mobile so that subscribers will know they’re in for a pleasant mobile experience for the duration of their time spent with your brand.

8) Focus on Email Design

When you are targeting mobile audience through email, you have to be more careful about email design, text, and content. Make sure that you write only important and attractive text. It is advisable to maintain one column layout design. It creates a better experience for readers. Along with this it essential to write the catchy subject line to encourage readers to open it.

9) Use Social Media

As most of the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, google+, Instagram access through mobile, you can send reminders to your customers to follow your brand on these  social media channel to gain more information about that. You can tweet about your latest offers and promos having coupons which customers can redeem in real time. This one of the most effective mobile marketing strategy.

10) Push Strategy

Some people believe that push marketing strategy is not good for the brand. But I personally believed that sometimes it is good to push your product for the better start. You can encourage people by sending them notifications for your Apps download.

If you have any mobile marketing tips please share with me in the comment box

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