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10 Tips on To Drive Traffic to Your Website

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One of the most common issues I come across is that businesses claim to have lost a significant percentage of search based traffic in recent years. We are all looking for ways to continue to drive traffic to our website. With an increasingly competitive digital marketplace on offer for netziens it is more important than ever to implement effective and innovative methods in order to drive the ‘right’ kind of traffic to your site, that is traffic that can feasibly be converted into sales. Here are a number of actionable ideas for you to implement. They are all relatively simple and surprisingly effective.

1. Start a Facebook group to redirect traffic to your site 



Create a niche group that will attract users interested in the specific topic related to your business services. Curate, manage and post quality content related to the topic. Professionals need to view you as an expert on the subject and as the creator and admin of the group you have the opportunity to prove this. Don’t make this too sales focused, keep the tone conversational and friendly. Your end goal is to create a forum where users ask questions and can be directed to your site for the answers. 

2. Create a forum on your site

Creating a forum is a good way to improve your ranking with long tail keywords. It also fosters a sense of community and decreases the bounce rate of visitors. It is proven to retain more traffic and means visitors come to the site to post questions related to what you offer, there is a brilliant opportunity to attract more visitors with this kind of honeytrap. 

Start by creating some threads yourself and posting questions to initiate conversation. Businesses will search the question and then need to find a forum for that to be answered, they will then trust your site and view you as the solution to their issue.

3. Keyword Optimization

Make sure you have every keyword you can think of on your site and focus on topical content, what will be searched currently? Good areas to focus on are expo’s, tradeshows, business events and current news relating to what you offer. As mentioned before long tail keywords are the most effective. Single words are simply not as good as whole phrases and other relevant terms related to the topic. Focus on searchable phrases and series of words in terms of SEO.

4. Write stand out, original posts



Every few weeks it is important to present your own findings and research that is wholly unique. These posts will be landmark, stand out posts but with new content and statistics they are incredibly sharable and of interest to journalists who are always looking for new and fresh content. Journalists referencing these posts can be fruitful. Present statistics with charts and graphs that have your logo on and really push this content on social media and with blog sharing communities. These are the articles professionals are interested in. 

5. Develop your headlines and post images

This is simply about writing the most immediate and catching tag lines, what will entice netziens? Know your target audience. Also include the right images to accompany the post, it is always helpful to include a short text description of each image. Keep it relevant and be aware of copyright issues. On social networks especially you need the post to be immediate and engaging as users skim through a news feed very quickly. 

6. Be active with your blogging and join a sharing community



Blogging is still vital with users searching specific queries that can be answered by your blog. They may likely peruse the blog first before engaging with the site. You can thus optimize the keywords on your blog as well as your homepage to attract those seeking answers. Joining a blogging sharing community can be effective, problogger or copyblogger are two such communities where you can share and cross promote your content.

7. Guest blogging

It’s always best to feature articles on other, reputable blogs that have a high level of existing traffic. You can include a backlink to your site which is good for SEO purposes but it also fosters links and connections, it is the promotion of your specialist services displayed through useful and informational based content. Here you need to post quality content that is useful to users browsing the blog hosting you as a guest. Do your research and ask them what their user type is.

8. Post frequently

This is key, you not only need to produce quality content but you also should be posting at least six times per week. Neil Patel an expert from Quicksprout found that posting six times rather than five increased blog traffic by 18.6%. Once you have established your content output stick to it, consistency is key.

9. Video content on YouTube 

Create an informative video or some other effective promotional content. Create a Youtube channel and establish yourself as an expert in your field, this visual aid can be very helpful in doing this, it is more immediate than a blog post or article. Using the comments section you can drive traffic to your page to answer any further queries users may have. Ensure you embed a link to your site in the video description text. 

10. Answering Questions

Visit sites such as Yahoo Answers and Quora and answer questions related to your business services. Make sure you establish yourself in the right niche, you want to be seen to be knowledgeable about a specific area. Again you can lead traffic to your site and blog for more content and information. Embed your web link into the end of your post if it is relevant, avoid being sales focused here, users want informative posts.

In conclusion we can see that there are a whole variety of ways to drive the right kind of traffic that is specific to your services based primarily on the other online forums you create. Now more than ever we need to be innovative with a more competitive digital environment than in previous years. These techniques can take time and consistent effort but developing your following in this way is absolutely vital.

Benji is a digital marketing specialist based in Shanghai, China. For information see his blog and website here.

Benji Lamb has lived in Shanghai for five years and specializes in e-commerce, digital marketing, and social networking in China. He is passionate about finding solutions for western firms in the aptly named mysterious orient. For more information see his marketing website and blog.

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