10 Types of Highly Shareable Visual Content

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Visual content rules social media. If you want your brand to grow its followers you’ll need social media, and therefore, visual content.

People say that a picture it’s worth a thousand words, but if you want to succeed in the competitive social media you’ll need content. An image that’s used just to get attention and it’s misleading will drive visitors off.

We remember 80% of what we see and only 20% of what we read. That’s why visual content it’s imperative for your social media endeavors.

Now that you know this, you can use different types of visual content to increase your followers.

Use all these methods to reach different kinds of customers and grow your audience.shareable-visual-content


Images are the most popular method to make a content more shareable for social media. A great image that reflects the content can boost the number of shares and likes.

You can use images to show your product, or how it works. You can show a behind the scenes image and make the customer feel part of the process.

People are more likely to buy something if they see the exact image of that product.

Images can be SEO-friendly and help create the identity of your company. You can use your company’s logo and even go as far as to use collages to make them personalized.

So remember that images are the number one strategy that you’ll use to increase the awareness and popularity of your brand, therefore, you should focus on images that have an impact and generates curiosity about your product.

If they’re telling a story they’re serving their purpose.


They’re an incredible tool for creating engagement between your brand and your customers. GIFs have the great impact when used for humor.

They can have the great impact depending on what message it wants to convert.

They’re super social media friendly. Facebook and Twitter already incorporated them with automatic reproductions to help the brands that actively use them.

 They’re a great way to shorten the distance between brand and customer.

So use the GIFs unsparingly to make your brand stand out from the tough competition by humoring your audience.


Videos are the next best thing after images, but they’re better if short. If you use a ten-minute video for your marketing endeavors, chances are nobody will see it.

You can use videos to promote your product, to establish an emotional connection with the fans, to show social engagement from the brand, to a shared tutorial, and different uses a product might have.

One of the most shared kinds of videos is the two-minute tutorial. It’s fast and gives something valuable, which in returns makes people more likely to share it.

Another popular use of videos is the short advertising that brands do nowadays. It’s simple and it sells the product or raises interest in just a few seconds.

If done right it can have a great impact on the commercial success of a product.

Watch popular social media videos so you can get a taste of how a video looks like when done right.


Comics are very powerful if allied with humor. It’s a little like the GIFs. If you use clever humor to link an image with your brand, you not only will get lots of shares but also interest in your brand.

The humor you use in the comics is a great way to show your brand’s voice, thus creating more followers.

Comics are great for kids and adults. Remember that marketing is also about linking emotions to your brand, and everybody likes a brand that makes them laugh.

Comics can also be used for more than humor. It can define your brand’s identity and raise awareness of products.

They’re easy to read making them highly shareable. Create a comic allied with smart content and see the magic happens as your content gets lots of shares.create-visual-content


Imagine you have statistics or another type of information you want to transmit to your audience.

You can write an article or create a video, but long, complex information is better presented through graphs than any other media.

All you have to do is to gather your data and put in an interactive image so it’ll be easy for your audience to process it.

Graphs have the power to comprise all that information and create an impact on the audience that can elevate the status of your brand to them.

A business that uses info graphs reports 12% higher profits than those who don’t.

They are a powerful tool for your marketing strategies.

They’re easy to make and understand, making them highly shareable.


Very popular, especially if your targeted audience is millennials, memes are highly shareable. They generate the high volume of traffic, social media users love to share them, and they are super easy to make.

The more popular memes link humor with a product of the specific brand. It’s important to be aware of what’s popular at the moment to create memes that can have a correlation to the social events of the specific time.

Events like the Oscars, Olympics, Presidential race, and so on can be great opportunities to place a product in the market and get it shared by your followers.

You can also use popular existing memes that somehow connect with your product. This can be great for an unknown brands that are struggling to place their product in the market.


E-books are a great way to position your brand. You can share all kinds of guides and tips with your audience. This helps create more customers and it’s great for the image of your brand.

Remember to include images and graphs. Don’t create e-books that are too long or no one will read it. The secret is to make the message good and on point so people don’t lose their interest.

Make the e-books easy to access and proofread.

This is important since people will judge your brand if you offer an e-book poorly written.

And if it’s hard to download people will give up feeling tricked.

So share tutorials, how-to, guides, tips, and all sorts of contents with your followers.


This is a perfect way to build a bridge between brand and customer. With webinars, you can get closer to your customer and offer additional services, or present a new product.

It’s getting popular for example to launch a new product live through social media so customers around the world feel closer to their beloved brands.

Some brands also offer lessons and presentations of different ways you can use their products through social media.

Remember that you have to be careful and present the information about the webinar in a concise manner. This’ll make the content highly shareable and friendly to the users.

So start creating live or recorded presentations for your followers to generate interest in your services and your products.

Quote Cardsquote-cards

Facebook is full of quoting cards. A lot of them are inspirational quotes that have nothing to do with a product.

But you can take advantage of that and start using it to link certain quotes with a product or service that you offer.

Use quotes that reflects your brand’s value to create an identity to your customers.

The quotes don’t necessarily need to sell something. They can just share your brand’s identity and create awareness of your presence.

People are more likely to buy a product from a brand they see all the time on their social media fee than those they never see.

So create your own quotes or use preexisting ones to create your posts and make people aware of your web presence.

Questions or Puzzles

Thought-provoking question and puzzles generate interest.  You can ask a question to your consumers to start a conversation and generate engagement with your brand.

Questions can also be a great way to reach the consumer directly and make them feel part of a community.

Questions can open dialogue for direct feedback from your audience. Remember to include images to make the content shareable.

Puzzles are great to engage the audience. People are naturally curious so they love to solve a puzzle.

You can create puzzles with your products making people guess something related to it. This is a great way to create emotional links with your brand and its services.

Take Action

Now that you know the types of visual content that will boost your audience, you can use them your own benefit.

Remember that great marketing tells a story that provokes feeling in its audience. Linking good emotion to your brand is the secret for long-term success.

Create content that it’s able to tell emotion-provoking stories through the right images and colors to make it shareable.

This’ll make your brand memorable to the audience and create a loyal fan base.

So make use of images with great content that tells stories to ensure the success of your social media marketing.

Now, try each one of this types of marketing and share this article with everyone on your social media.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

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