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10 Useful Project Management Tools For Digital Agencies

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Digital agencies play an important role in the success of their clients’ business. They devise various marketing, promotion campaigns for their clients to promote brands, services and products. They formulate appropriate strategies to market a business’s presence on various platforms. This requires a good understanding of business, its target audience, its message to be transmitted to the people, the platforms to be employed for promotion, timing of a campaign besides other things. Digital agencies should be proficient in mobile design, web design, copywriting, SEO, e-commerce, social media and various other fields. They need to blend creativity and technology for carrying out business campaigns. Agencies should be able to craft, execute and control purposeful, well directed marketing campaigns, projects. Their successful implementation would engage the audience and spur people to respond to a business’s call to action. So a business would be to earn various benefits and achieve its specific objectives.

But managing marketing, promotion projects is not easy. These require enhanced collaboration, planning and tracking which cannot be achieved through manual methods like conducting meetings, reviewing graphs, etc. In order to manage them smoothly and speedily, digital agencies need enterprising tools. These tools automate processes involved in managing projects thus saving time, costs and effort. So managing projects is rendered  quite easy.

We are hereby providing some quite useful web based project management tools that would enable digital agencies to function in a coordinated and collaborative manner. These would enable them to achieve specific objectives and goals of their clients.

1. Basecamp 


Digital projects can be smoothly managed with this project management tool. It provides a single centralized location for various project items. Basecamp facilitates collaboration among digital team members like marketers, content producers, designers, etc. Stakeholders remain updated about project activities as they take place. Images, PDFs and other files can be uploaded. To-Dos enable proper task management. Milestones get effectively tracked.

2. ProofHub


This project management tool enables digital agencies to manage their projects in a smooth, systematic and scheduled manner. It improves communication, collaboration among globally dispersed team members. The progress made in projects can be easily conveyed to clients, stakeholders. Tasks can be properly managed through To-do lists. Files are kept in one place. This tool is integrated with Google Docs and Dropbox. Milestones, events and tasks can be tracked through calendar. Gantt charts track projects’ progress and inform up to which level various tasks have been completed. Proofing tool enables fast review, approval of design and graphic files. Reports give a true picture of projects. So it can be known exactly how much they are slipping and which bottlenecks affect them.

3. 5pm


This project management software improves collaboration within a team and boosts task management. Team members are able to share tasks, projects, files and notes. Its time tracking ability lets members know how productively they are utilizing their time. Reports are used for tracking time usage, data filtering and managing team workload.

4. Brightpod

This collaboration tool offers various benefits to marketing teams and small digital agencies. Tasks lists enable proper management of tasks. In-built workflows enhance project planning. Custom workflows can also be created as per specific needs of a digital agency. This saves time in planning future marketing projects, product launches, etc. Brightpod is integrated with Google Drive, Box and Dropbox. Email notifications inform about what happened in a project in the day gone by and how much work is pending.


5. Wunderlist

Wunderlist organizes things through creation and sharing of lists among people. Digital agencies can use it for capturing ideas. Sharing of lists promotes collaboration among team members. Agencies can use this tool for planning web development, content production and other projects. Comments enable conversations over the things to be done. Lists get updated in real time irrespective of the location of team members. Wunderlist can be accessed on a various devices like iPhone, iPad and others. Reminders notify about to-dos, so they do not get missed.


6. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner improves engagement of teams at work. It enhances collaboration among team members. Also an agency can effortlessly collaborate with its clients. Tasks are prioritized through priority-based scheduling. So it can be estimated when the projects will be delivered. This tool also has the time tracking utility. Reports, analytics help to know how projects are progressing, what members are doing and how a business is moving towards its goals. Team resources can be accurately managed. So designers, SEO experts and other digital team members can work productively as they do not get overloaded with too many tasks. This helps in proper management and timely delivery of projects to clients.


7. Paymo

Paymo tracks time incurred in performing various tasks through reports. So digital agencies can get an idea how productively they are utilizing their time in tasks. They can comfortably and accurately bill clients as per the total number of billable hours. This saves time, effort and costs in billing. Projects can be managed in a methodical manner. Invoices, estimates can be created through online invoicing. It improves collaboration within team and boosts its productivity. Data remains secure and can be accessed from any device through the net.


8. Happytodos

This project management solution automates the project scheduling process. Tasks can be distributed among team members while projects are in progress. All the project information can be managed from a single location. It saves a lot of time, effort in coordinating a team’s efforts. This tool helps to keep a team motivated and productive. It calculates and re-calculates the estimated completion dates in a project as per the real-time data provided by a team for rescheduling projects. So projects can be realistically executed. Top priority tasks can be identified with ease and executed saving time in figuring out the most important tasks. Reports can be accurately created.


9. ActiveCollab

This project management tool enhances productivity of teams. It facilitates communication and collaboration among globally dispersed team members. This solution enables task delegation, discussion over important matters and sharing of files. It puts a team on the same page over a project. Time, funds and expenses associated with projects can be tracked through reports, invoices and summaries. Billing can be effortlessly performed through customizable invoices. All project files are kept at the same location. Team members can write collaboratively with this tool. Digital agencies can localize various settings like time zone, language, currency, etc. for international billing.


10. Easy Projects

Easy Projects improves team collaboration and organization. Tasks can be better planned through to-do lists, given priorities and completed rapidly. Budgets and resources can be better managed. How projects are progressing can be monitored. Project managers are able to speedily create schedules. All the project history lies at one place. All the problem areas in a project can be looked into. Clients, stakeholders get to know how members are performing and progressing over a digital project. Clients can put forward any new requests or issues. Time tracking is there. Gantt charts help to track projects’ progress. Custom forms can be created. It facilitates planning of human resources. This tool also has got the CRM capability.


These project management tools enable digital agencies to plan and execute clients’ projects, campaigns in a methodical manner. Their successful culmination helps businesses to achieve their specific business objectives and goals. Btw, if you plan to be a successful Project Management professional then you should consider PMP certification by PMI (Project Management Institute).


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      Alger Beck   /   Reply

      To us proofhub seems to be far the best tool we have used for our projects.Thanks for the addition.

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      That article was amazing, I am very much impressed with your thoughts. I got the best information from this site of the blog, It’s very useful to all and us. Thanks for sharing this post.

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