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10 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fan Base

10 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fan Base

In today’s world, one of the critical aspects that modern businesses consider is effective marketing their products or services through Facebook. Facebook today has become much more than just a social website, but, in fact, has become a platform for businesses to build deals, get revenue and additionally expand their piece of the pie.

Today many companies have a Facebook page hoping to attract and lure customers as fans and get them. The key is not just to attract just people who will just hit the like button and becomes a fan and after that won’t visit the page, but people who after becoming fans will engage and also advocate your page to his friends and family.

Here are 10 prominent ways of increasing your fan base on Facebook:

1.) Create a Human element in your page:

In order to be successful on Facebook, companies should have a personal interaction with their fans. They should step out beyond their logo and product and instead let the people that are responsible for the brand talk to its customers. As Facebook is all about social engagement, page administrators should converse with their fans as if they are having a real conversation. This can be achieved by addressing your fan by his first name; converse in a first person tone and even put your name as a signature at the end of the post.

Also, brands should ensure quick responses to posts by fans in order to have a continuous communication be it a complaint or compliment.

Take Flipkart’s example based on the image below. Whenever a customer has the query or a complaint they see to it that they are responded by addressing the person by his name.


Thus, every page admin should ensure that their Facebook page is not just a run of the mill page but should instead be dynamic by being themselves and communicate with their fans as they are their friends.

2.) Good Content is the key to attracting fans:

Content is sacrosanct. Good content that entertaining, educating can enable you to attract a lot of fans and moreover bring them to your Facebook page. One should keep in mind not to post monotonous content every time. You should keep mixing up your content in a variety of ways  via audio, video or written posts This can enable you to drive more traffic to your page as there is something for everyone i.e. there will some people who would be attracted towards video posts while some will be attracted towards audio posts.   Also, a Facebook page should be very presentable and attractive. It should have an appealing profile picture and cover photo and authentic information in the About us section in order to ensure the credibility of the page.


 3.) Through your website:

You can en-route your customers who visit your website to your Facebook page.  You can do this by embedding your Facebook page link, and upon clicking it will direct them to the page.  Moreover, you can directly put the Like boxes and buttons on the website which will directly make the customer a fan of your page rather than visiting the site first and then liking it. Additionally you can add a share button to enable people send personal messages and can decide who they can share it with. Additionally you can embed Facebook videos and posts also on your website.


4.) Through all your brand communications:

In order to get more fans, you can also promote your Facebook page through your online communications like Marketing Emailers, Banners etc and through offline media like SMS, print media leaflets, brochures, pamphlets etc. While sending your corporate emailers to your customers, you can embed your Facebook link at the bottom of your Marketing emailer while in SMS if space permits you can add a bitly link that can send the customer to your Facebook page. In BTL communications, you can direct your customers to your Facebook page with the help of a QR code. Employees can also add the company’s Facebook link in their email signatures and even on their visiting cards.

Email5.) Provide Incentives:

You can provide an incentive to your customers who can avail them only if they like your page. By customers liking your page, you can enable them to avail offers, discounts etc. For example, in 2011, NH7 which officially sponsored by Dewarist, Bacardi and Eristoff, had offered 20% discount on the tickets. All the customer had to do was like any of the official sponsor’s Facebook pages, As a result the fan base of their pages had increased by 10% thanks to this incentive.

6.) Organize Contests:

You can organize contests where customers will have to like your page in order to participate. You can conduct competitions like quizzes, drawing or essay competitions etc. where the participants entries can be posted on your page.

NH77.) Facebook Ads:

With a nominal budget, you can boost your fan base using Facebook’s ad feature. Through this feature, you can literally buy your targeted audience. All you need to do is select the Promote your page option and accordingly select the geography, what interest and behavior you want to target. You also have the flexibility to choose how much budget you want to spend, what budget model you want to select i.e. CPM or CPC. You can then analyze your results in Ads manager.


8.) Link your page to other Social Media Networks:

You can ask people who follow you on other social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. to also follow you on Facebook.

9.) Word of Mouth:

You can also leverage on your existing customers to spread the word and like your page. Your current fans can be your advocate of your page and influence their friends to like your page.

10.) Make your Page an extension of your website:

You can leverage branding your products and services on your Facebook page. You can make your Facebook page different from your own website so that your fans who visit your page experience something unique and feel that sense of exclusivity when they become fans of your page. No matter if you want to create familiarity or a sense of exclusivity, it’s important to make your page dynamic and interesting so it will stand out from the rest.  This can be achieved by creating custom tabs that showcase your products or services and give your customer that feeling of your brand.

Nike is a good example which gives you that sense of exclusivity.



Many companies use Facebook as a means to generate brand awareness. Therefore in order to be successful, one has to find many innovative ways to generate fans. By generating many fans, you can even touch base with them and find out their needs and expectations of your brand. At customer entertain at all times.

Image credits: Google

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