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10th Social Media Marketing Bootcamp – Opened a World of New Opportunities on July 16-17 in Delhi (Part 1)

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10th Social Media Marketing Bootcamp by Digital Vidya – I am attending it and thinking will it be worth my next 2 days? Lots of questions were churning in my mind as well as in minds of other attendees. Introduction began, this time a huge group of about 28 attendees from different Industry verticals (Advertising, Biotech, Airlines, Digital Marketing, Education, Biotech, IT, Packaging & Software) and at different stages of their career paths, varying from Marketing Head to Creative Director to Digital Marketing Professionals to Entrepreneurs.

Participants didn’t just travel from other cities such as Bangalore, Ludhiana, Jaipur but one of the participants had traveled from Singapore to attend this event. What next?

Session began with general acquaintances about participants’ background and to get a clue about reasons for their presence in Bootcamp.

Social Media – What is this hue and cry about?

Laying foundation with simple video introduction “Is Social Media a fad”, session then proceeded to amazing social media success stories like Blendtec (“Will IPhone Blend?”- a single video that got more than 8 million views)

Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck, a mobile eating van, who by innovatively leveraging Twitter (to let their customers know their location in real time) along with Flickr & Blogging increased the number of customers/stop from 8 to around 800.

Indians are not far behind in utilizing this fortune, people like Taxi Driver – Devesh Mishra from Banaras, Auto Driver – Samson from Chennai,who get most of their potential customers (especially International Tourists) through these social media channels. Kapil and Pradeep’s own success with Commonwealth Games Community (with over 40,000 fans), which they created while in their previous venture, inspired the participants in thinking and playing big when it comes to Social Media.

Everything beaded sequentially and that too with live examples took participants into Wave of Social Media. For most of participants this teaser session was like eye-opener, and left everyone murmuring the three-word mantra of success on Social Media – Visibility, Credibility and Relevancy (popularly now known as VCR in Digital Vidya’s bootcamps).

Session was further enriched by Mr. Palash Jain (Ex Google India, Director), who empowered the audience by sharing some insightful trends and patterns about future of Digital Media. ‘Most of the publications will die if they not embrace Digital’, ‘We will have a device better than Laptop at less than Rs 10,000’, ‘Image Search will become more popular’, ‘We will not have paper based exams’, and ‘Location Based Services are going to be very popular’ are some of the future changes shared by him.

He further shared about anticipated Future of Social Media, and the potential opportunities for Indians to grasp now, as though we stand fourth among numbers of internet users but % population penetration is very minimal (even less than 10%). He wrapped the session by conveying that “Social Media is Future so don’t stop your kids from being on Social Media networks”

I know but how can I use it?
Every participant was now soaked in Social Media, but ‘how to proceed?’ was the next critical question?

Session on Social Media Marketing Strategy further elucidated – how to think and plan about leveraging Social Media Marketing for a business. A hands-on exercise, ‘Create a SMM strategy For Your Business’ was commenced, followed by sharing and the discussion. Sharing by a participant revealed one of pain areas was Positioning on Social Media; they started and after an initial spurt, they had reached a stagnant phase. A practical experience shared by Pradeep and Kapil about their own firm made picture complete; that stratifying and positioning can give desired results.

The fun, excitement and learning experience around Social Media Marketing continued…..

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