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11 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Boost Up Your Online Performance

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downloadModern marketers are using Social Media platforms as their marketing tools. They often use Social media tools such as Facebook and Google+ in different ways for social networking, LinkedIn for any professional networking and Twitter for social messaging in order to build and strengthen the relationship, drive sales and reach to the end-consumers and recruit potential employees for the company.

Some of the effective Social Media Marketing tips are as follows:

  1. Use visual content: Images and photos play a vital role in optimizing the content on social media platforms. The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to a notion that adding an image to the post can make the information more interesting and attention-drawing, which could generate more leads and gain followers in case of LinkedIn and Twitter and increase engagement by having more likes, shares and comments in case of Facebook and Google+.
  2. Build concrete relationships: Social media platforms allow individual to connect with each other, be it a personal relationship or a business relationship. The easiest way to build up the relationship is to be Social that is to look for a quick way to grow your network of friends, colleagues, fans, followers, customers, clients and businesses. On personal front, this can be done by engaging with your friends post such as Like, Share and/or Comment through Facebook and Google+. On business front this can be done by creating awareness by running ads, commercials and/or engaging in conversations through LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Furthermore, one can even virtually connect with individuals through Skype to make the conversation or the meeting livelier.
  3. Build social media presence: An immense patience and consistency is required to build social media presence. This is a long-term process where it requires updating profiles on regular basis, constant participation in conversations and discussions, publishing an article on regular basis and cross-promotion of content from one platform to the other.
  4. Get the attention of right people: “Knowledge increases when shared”. Your profile on the social media is a replica of self to the web community. It creates perceptions and builds reputations. Any piece of original writing is worth sharing.  A mutual exchange of information can help you to get the right attention.
  5. Be where your customers are: “Choose wise to make right”. Today social media is a vast ocean of information. Newer mediums are replacing the older ones. Thus presence in every format of networking has created a pool of duplication. But the question to address is what is that we actually use and where do we find more like-minded people. Do your research well to find out the most updated customer profiles. Also, joining the right forum discussions on professional platforms like LinkedIn can help to connect.
  6. Interaction is key to differentiation: “Ideas and interaction run hand-in-hand”. The social media offers an excellent one-on-one interaction platforms with several touch points. In fact, a serious podcast can be a convergence of various online platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Web References as well as a showcase of original individual content. This is one of the only effective ways to calculate the ROI through the responses that you receive from the attendees.
  7. Loyalty always helps: “80% of business comes from 20% loyal customers.” And, a dialogue is key to effective communication. Direct communication helps in building long term relationships. Social media platforms like Twitter offer opportunities for one-on-one communications and help to gauge the insights. This also helps in creating loyalty and enhance business opportunities.
  8. Managing whom and what you follow: “Follow wisely”. Liking and sharing content is key aspect of the social media. Platforms like Twitter and Imaging sites like Instagram and PInterest helps to generate and sustain interest in the content. A large follower base can be a base for a large target group of similar interest.
  9. Playing the right host on social media: “Hosting is the right way of networking”. Social media gatherings like Facebook fan page, hash tags and webinars offer a right gateway for interactions. More the number of attendees, more is the visibility across the platforms. A sustained presence at regular intervals, a gap of every 4 to 6 weeks can help in better recall and engagement within the community.
  10. Effective use of LinkedIn for professional growth: “Syncing right”. LinkedIn is probably the only platform that has tremendous potential to generate effective business leads, create one-on-one discussion opportunities, follow thought leaders, create followers for ideas and calculate the ROI through all these initiatives. Features like syncing calendars with PDAs also don’t let you miss on creating a personal touch for the long-lasting professional relationships.
  11. Google Analytics… “Search right to link right”. This is probably the only logical way to search and link content with similar interest. This also helps to search the source and contents of prior conversations through a web reporting format.
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    • 5 years ago

      Mayank   /   Reply

      Hi Roma, its a nice post. I would also like to add to the first point related to visual content. Whenever we add a pic to a post we need to make sure that the pic is of good quality i.e. probably HD quality as a bad pic may undermine the value of the post. Thanks

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