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11 Simple Tips To Make Your PPC Campaign Work Like A Customer Magnet

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Ever wondered, why a Spiderman sequel or a Batman movie opens to record box office collections? No rocket science right? A lot goes into promotions and marketing campaigns to increase footfall in theaters.

On the same lines, you can use PPC campaigns for your business website for attracting maximum traffic. Let’s discuss how?

1. Remarketing

Majority of internet users visit a website and they just leave the site without buying goods or merchandise. So the potential customer which could have been converted into actual sales needs to be re-engaged somehow. That is where Remarketing comes into play.

It is an online tool that pulls back the same customer who didn’t buy your product or service previously. Let’s take an example –

Mr. Sharma logs into a travel website, say  and looks for an air ticket from New Delhi to Bangalore, and just because airfare is too costly for his pocket, he drops the idea and leaves the website. Now, next time Rahul uses internet or moves to a different website, there are chances that he bumps into an ad showing prices of the same air ticket on discounted rates or so. This is the power of Remarketing, you try to re-establish the connection with a potential customer.

2. Mirror Campaigns

Another brilliant way to enhance website traffic is to use “mirror” or “duplicate” campaigns. Google Adword provides following keyword matching options –

  • Exact Match
  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Negative Match

Using same campaign, but dividing it into two campaigns with different keyword matching option, helps to expand your reach.

3. Sitelinks

It is always recommended to use sitelinks, they serve as incoming gateway to a company’s website. The Sitelinks can be used to direct a customer to the popular part of a website, and thus increases traffic.

Must have – The link text should relate to the website content.

4. Use Negative Keywords

More often, it is seen that advertisers emphasize only on the targeted keywords, and it is a must. However working with negative keywords can have startling results as well. Similar keywords, which attract completely different set of customers, can prove to be detrimental, by scaling up your PPC cost.

5. Ad Scheduling

Can’t afford website traffic when business is closed? That’s when we use Ad Scheduling, more visibility during peak times, thus maximum traffic. Google Adword provides an option to configure the ad scheduling.

6.  App based targeting

With Google announcing new set of SEM features targeting smartphone users, it is a must for every business. Consumers can be targeted based on their behavior, based on the usage of previous applications.

7. Hire an agency

If you are not able to manage your AdWord account, it is wise to hire a specialist for the job. There are umpteen agencies willing to take this assignment for you. Given the fact that there is a tough competition out there, the task given by you is taken seriously. So, hire them if not feeling lucky!!!

8. Integration of AdWords with CRM

SEM can be optimized using sales data in the CRM. The Marketing and Sales data put in one place, isn’t it great? For example, Customer data in Salesforce accounts help you understand which keywords are more profitable. This data can be used to enhance SEM activities and drive more sales.

9. Use Dimension Tabs

Want to see number of unique visitors for a day? The conversion rates for the first two days of week? Are your sales dipping on weekends? The common answer is through Dimensions tab. This data is of immense use to an advertiser who wants to understand the target market.

10. Call Tracking

Google’s call extensions allow you to track calls from ads, this gives detailed information about the originator of the calls. It offers complete dashboard with PPC campaigns and the data of offline and online conversions.

11. Do not Panic

Last but not least, if PPC campaigns are not proving fruitful for you, do not make early changes. Results may take some time and changes need to be sequential but not immediate.

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