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11 Tips In Web Analytics That Are Used For Quick Success

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This blog will help you conduct your web analytics exercise in a better manner. The following are some useful tips for the purpose-

1. Be Clear About Your Business Goals

The main objective of your business should not just be clear in your mind but should be well reflected in your each and every action. This includes all the small and big goals that you want to achieve in your business realm.

2. Be Clear About The Business’s Scope

There must be a good idea about the scope of your current projects. Are you in the need of using several domains for it? The usage of different domains provide an idea about the scope of a particular project or a business in general.

3. Key Performance Indicators

Defining your goals, target customers and KPIs is not a simple task. You must allow it to evolve and should avoid being rigid in your approach. But, it is important to have them set in the very beginning of a project.

4. Data Reporting

It is essential to come up with predetermined requirements for reporting the data. You must carefully understand the requirement of your business and the experts at your organization rather than just keep on reporting each and every piece of data that holds little or no importance for the same.

5. Budget

Spread your budget over both the human as well as material resource. This is the key to success of your web analytics exercise.

6. Time Management

You must always have sufficient extra time in your schedule to take care of situations that go out of hand. A plan can never be implemented exactly in its original form and hence, you need some extra time to mend the things that went wrong.

7. Tag The Pages

You must tag all the pages of the website in order to measure all of them and derive a better picture of the performance online.

8. Tag Carefully

Remember, tagging should not interfere with the user’s experience. You must tag the pages in such a way that it do not affect your website’s performance negatively.

9. Test The Tags

You must test the tags at various platforms to know if they are working for you as you wanted them to. Make the necessary arrangements for the same.

10. Set Clear Objectives

You must setup clear goals in addition to the funnels that are necessary for optimizing your campaigns, traffic sources and the keywords etc. on a particular outcome.

11. Use Right Tools

You must use the right and effective tools from the bulk of available tools. The role of automation cannot be overemphasized.

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      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Yes, this is a very good post. Useful for the beginners.

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