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12 Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

12 Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone loves Instagram for its picture-sharing feature. But, that is just one part of it. On a larger scale, it is a way of branding yourself with an impact. For businesses, this means marketing your brand and getting more exposure.

Nowadays, every business is focusing on Instagram-centric strategy and there is a reason for it.

Considering that it has more than 300 millions of users and among them a big number constitute online business, there is a wider wiggle room for online businesses to pitch their brand.

And of course, it is a mobile photo-sharing tool which means you have the entire mobile market at your fingertips.With increasing competition in mobile marketing trend, the businesses are finding new ways to use this powerful branding tool to get in front of their prospective clients.

But what about those rookie businesses who are still lagging behind in the competition on Instagram? Well, they need to consider these 12 mistakes to get real benefit of this powerful social media platform:

  1. You Are Doing it Wrong, Find the Right Strategy

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 First things first…

Any social media marketing is based on a right strategy. Without it, you will end up making no real gain with unending opportunities of this visual marketing tool.

Putting your blog images or sharing your Facebook status updates is not going to help you on Instagram. Remember that Instagrammers are in a hunt of visual inspiration and this should the only agenda of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is using imagery to tell story of your brand.Therefore, your core strategy should revolve around sharing your products with a strong idea.Your Instagram posts should include a concoction of imagery and text that underlies a purpose.

  1. Thinking Instagram as Your Personal Space

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Using your personal pictures on your business page is a biggest “turn-off” for your leads. A snap of your birthday bash or a holiday trip is only meant to share on your personal account.

While sharing your personal moments in moderation keeps the fun alive, you should not make it the only visible thing on your Instagram profile.

Using pictures of your wardrobe while you are an online apparel store does not make any sense. Similarly, it will not do any good to your smartphone brand if you keep posting snaps of your newly-purchasediPhone.

While using Instagram for promoting your business, you need to understand that people are interested in your brand and products and not in your personality.

  1.  You are Not Consistent

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Inconsistency in posting your product shots makes you look unpredictable. Your potential customers want to hear about your new products, events or a new promotional offer.

By not posting consistently, you keep them clueless about latest happenings in your business and they lose sight of your brand.

Therefore, it is important to have a consistency in your posts so that your prospective buyers keep coming back to your profile. 


You need to have some moderation in frequency of your posts. You need to give your brand a consistent voice that reaches out to your followers. The key is to keep a balance in your posts.

  1. Playing Wrongly With Hashtag

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“#iPone, the#smartphone from #Apple has a new #Technology…

Oh! That’s so many hashtag to read in a post.

This is exactly how your followers react to one of your posts stuffed with so many hashtags.Would you want to annoy them with such frequent use of hashtags? Certainly not.

Remember that hashtags are used strategically to get in the search results and stay in visibility of leads. Optimizing them too frequently in a post irritates the viewers.

Use these tips:

Make sure that your hashtag is searchable – it is popular keyword or buzzword

It is short enough to read – avoid using long hashtags as #leadingmatrimonialservice

It is relevant to your business – #matrimony for matchmaking service, #health for fitness equipments. 

  1. You Are Not Responding to Your Followers

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Your followers are your future clients. By not regularly interacting with them, you run the risk of losing them and all those downstream engagements that come with their camaraderie.

Successful brands have knack of wooing their audience with a strong engagement.

How do they do it?

By answering to queries of their followers, acknowledging their feedback and responding to their comments. Keeping in touch with your audience ensures a cordial rapport with your audience and proves your loyalty with them.

  1. You Are Not Following Back Your Followers

All your Instagram marketing activities are directed towards one unified goal: Growing your followers.

When you keep your followers waiting in the queue of followers, it means“not interested” for them. Even if it is that one follower, you should value it as another chance of getting more exposure to your brand. Imagine the number of added followers you will share with that one follower.

So, if you are lucky enough to have grown your followers to a thousand or ten thousands, you need to take those followers as an opportunity to convert that number into to a million by following back your followers.

  1.  You Are Using Instagram Just Like Other Social Websites

Would you like to have a plate of steaks at a pub or have a blast with your best buddies? Certainly, you will go for the latter option.


Because a pub is not meant to sitting on a round-table and eat boring foods. It is about music, dance and fun.

Similarly, every social media platform has its flavor. You cannot use Instagram to promote the same content you share on other popular social websites.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram projects your brand using imagery which in a business case can be a product shot or snap of a newly-launched service.

  1. You Are Copying Others

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In any form of marketing, credibility is the onlything that reinforces trust of your prospective buyers.


When you use random images and repurpose them to promote your brand, it only questions the legitimacy of your business and hurt your credibility as a business.

Borrowing a picture from a source is one thing, while repurposing it to give it a new look is another thing altogether.Remember that there is a fine line between creativity and imitation. To win hearts of your followers, you need to inspire them by your creativity and not by your art of imitation.

  1. You Are Using Boring Contents

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Assuming that you are a staunch instagrammer, will you follow a brand that only bores you with boringpictures of their employees or workplace?

Definitely, not. 

Then how could you expect your followers to follow you even when you only have visuals of your office space to share with your audience.

To keep your audience engaged, you need to feed them with interesting posts that has interesting angles. Do not just put up images of products on your Instagram profile. Rather you needgive your posts apersonality with catchy one-liners or your sense of repartee.

Virgin America is a good example of how you can retain a personal touch with your posts on Instagram. The company showcases its new services using pictures of its staff.

Isn’t it interesting?

  1. You Are Using Poor Quality Images



Imagine your followers are anticipating launch of your upcoming product and the venue is Instagram.

Everything has fallen into place: the time, the date and the day.

The countdown ends and what they eventually find is a pixilated photo of your much-hyped product. Would you like to make such a goof with a low quality picture? Definitely not.

Therefore, it is important that yourInstagram pictures have to be high-quality to make right impact on the viewers. 

  1.  You Are Not Making a Personal Connection

    Image Source: make-connection-with-customers

    Image Source: make-connection-with-customers

Are you happily married? What was your mantra of wooing your woman?


Romantic one-liners? Chocolates? Flowers?

Of course, you did all these silly things before throwing that marriage proposal.

Now, imagine you walk up to a girl and say, “I want to marry you.”Would you still expect those three magical words, “Yes, I do.”Of course, not.

People take time to build trust, whether it is about brands or relationships. You need to engage with your audience before you can convince them to marry with your brand.

Selling your brand is no different than courting a girl. The only difference in this case is that you are trying to sell an idea.


    Not Using a Link of Website in Your Profile

Did you ever get lost while making your vocational excursion trip? How did it feel like?

Certainly, it felt like the worst day of your life. You abuse yourself for not keeping the itinerary or choosing the wrong route.

Similarly, when you are promoting your brand on social media channel, you need to take it as a journey for your lead. After getting him impressed with your product, you need to provide him with a way of finding that product online and you can do it with a link to your website.

Avoiding these 12 mistakes will help you maintain a strong presence on Instagram, the leading social media website to promote your brand.

By Line: Rochelle Ceira is a trend analyst at a firm that provides safest way to buy a dissertation online to both educators and scholars. She’s also an occasional blogger who loves to discuss topics related to productivity, time management, etc. Learn more about her on Twitter.

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