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Complaints happens every day. Customer complaints are always for a good reason and genuine concern. Generally a customer complains when his purchase does not meet certain expectations. So customer complaints should not be avoided but should be handled with care-by listening to the complaints and solving them. This results in a happy customer and creates a good experience for customers also.

Some of the ways for handling customer complaints successfully are given below as follows:

  1. Meaningful complaints should be recorded and organized
    Sometimes it happens that multiple customers have same type of complaint. This shows that the company has serious communication problem with the customers. Thus relevant complaints should be trailed.
  2.  Assurance should be given to each customer
    Every customer should be treated in the same way whether it is a crustacean customer who never get satisfied by any answer or a simple and courteous customer who agrees peacefully. Interaction with every customer should be considered important.
  3.  Type of complainer should be identified
    Common customer complaint are moderate but it is important to distinguish some complaints from the ordinary one which have to be dealt with differently.
  4. Complaints contain insight
    Customer complaints are an awareness for the companies and dealers. It can tell at what point the company is going wrong. Customer complaints sometimes can show a right direction to move ahead.
  5. Should not be passive-aggressive
    Sometimes business owners are trying to be apologetic but they are coming off as offensive or destructive. Even if the customer is not being logical, the business owners should be apologetic and should resolve their problem.
  6. Supportive questioning can be used
    After solving customer’s complaint the supportive team should always ask if the customer is having any other problem. In this way customer feels that he is not being a burden to the company and will not be hesitant in asking more questions.
  7. Explain why are they being transferred
    Always explain the customer why their complaint is being transferred and it is done for their benefit.
  8. Time is also an attributer
    Customer complaints should be resolved quickly. Customer should not feel that his complaint is being delayed even if it is one day. It makes a mindset that his problem will not be solved and will keep on being delayed.
  9. Formalities should be forgotten
    When interacting with a customer related to his complaint one should always talk to him as a regular customer and not in a very corporate manner.
  10. Things should not be taken personally
    Business owner may face several types of customer in their day to day life. Many times they have a wrong encounter like angry customers. Here the supportive team should control themselves and should remain positive and should not take it personally.
  11. Provide customers with a medium where their problems can be solved
    Customers should be provided with a medium such an email address where their problems can be looked upon and solved.
  12. Listen well
    Whenever a customer is complaining, never interrupt in between so that customer gets into a calm frame of mind before he listens to the solution or anything said to them.



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