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13% Employee Productivity Loss due to Social Media in the Workplace

13% Employee Productivity Loss due to Social Media in the Workplace

Social media is undoubtedly the most sought after marketing and branding tool but an excess of everything is bad. 

According to a report released by TeamLease World of Work, the unrestricted usage of social media is having a negative impact on employee productivity. The study states that around 32% of the total time spend on social media during office hours is utilized for personal work.

13% of the total productivity is lost due to social media indulgence alone.

This points to a huge loss of official resources along with low productivity.

To What Extent Social Media is Affecting Productivity?

The study further states an increase in the following losses apart from official resources and low productivity:

  • Confidential information
  • Misinformation
  • Defamation
  • Employee solicitation

TeamLease World of Work Report is based on a detailed study on the nature of usage and time spent and it was revealed that Facebook is the most visited social media platform. Out of the 62% employees who had access to social media during office hours, as much as 83% of them spend significant time browsing Facebook.overall-time-spent-on-social-media

The survey by the HR service company states that on an average, employees are spending 2.35 hours on social media during their working hours, much higher than the 1.15 hours being spent outside work. This has surely resulted in huge loss of official resources, while about 13% of the total productivity of an employee is calculated to be lost.

Different Views on TeamLease Social Media Report

Based on a survey of executives from companies across industries like engineering design, data analytics, automobile, and pharma noted that the excessive use of social media was resulting in a loss of other important aspects along with productivity.

People get in after lunch hours and then lose themselves on social media. We estimate to be losing around 20% productivity because of this juvenile behaviour.

One of the CEOs of a learning and development company quoted this period as a “time sink” wherein people lose themselves on social media and hence result in lower productivity.

The senior vice president of TeamLease Services, Kunal Sen pointed towards the two sides of social media. It is expected that social media comes with its own inherent positives and negatives.

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He further stated that “indulgence in social media and the resultant slacking is a testimony of pastimes getting more interesting than work. Rather than blindly instituting rules, organizations should get to the root cause of the misuse and devise policies that make work more challenging.”

Other aspects of Work Efficiency

1. In order to achieve the desired output, it is important to talk about time efficiency instead of increased office hours. Organization along with its employees should work towards work-life balance to achieve desired outputs.

2. One of the expected “solutions” of the lost productivity due to social media is to restrain employees from using Facebook and akin platforms in order to reverse the effect. Rather, it is important to reach the root cause of the “time sink” period.

3. Since the attention span of the human mind is lesser than a Goldfish’s span i.e 8 seconds. Therefore, companies can indulge in some meditation or mind relaxing activities for an hour or half to increase the productivity of their employees.

There are endless practices to multiply your productivity in the digital world, even if there is WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter!

Lastly, abandoning the social media during office hours might not be a good move as it can severely affect the company’s online presence, therefore, it becomes even more crucial to take a mid-way out.

What in your views could be a rectifying move in the Social media vs Productivity debate?

Final Thoughts

Gone were the days when social media was only used for interaction purpose. Now, with the evolution of digital marketing, social media has become another valuable platform that has the potential of growing your business. To understand Social Media Marketing completely, enroll in our Social Media Certification Course.

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