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13 SEO Tricks To Be Tested In 2014

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to obtain the highest rankings on search engines and therefore should not be overlooked. Despite increasing reports on the failure of SEO in achieving high level visibility, it’s crucial to include SEO in your digital strategy.

This blog will show you 13 invaluable SEO tricks to increase your on page optimization. They are not your usual run of the mill tricks that don’t work. Go on test them in 2014. Make it work for you!


1. Length of Title 

The Length of the title should be less than 70 characters as Google does not show more than 70 characters on its search page. The optimum recommended title length for 2014 should be less than 55 characters as this is thought to be more SEO friendly. However you can use longer keywords in the content pages to provide more details.

2. Proper usage of Heading tags 

A properly utilized heading tag feature depicts a structured page to your search engine. Thus always remember to differentiate your headings with selected sizes like H3, H4 and H5. Using relevant keywords in the tags will be an added asset.

3. Proper usage of special tags

Highlight your targeted keywords by using special tags like Underline, Bold, and Italics etc. This will make your page more search engine friendly. Proper usage of tags also indicates to google that the highlighted keywords are important on your page

4. Engaging description 

Always use specific keywords related to the content of your blog/page/website. An attractive description goes a long way in attracting more visitors and increasing the Click through rate (CTR). Again sticking to less than 160 characters will be more beneficial for your CTR.

5. URL 

Make sure you use a clean URL which does not have  distracting special characters like commas, spaces, numbers. Try to use only targeted keywords in your URLs.

6. Optimize Images 

Inserting images on your blogs/webpages is important to make your posts visually attractive but also to make it visible to robots. Images in your posts will increase traffic from the Image search feature too. The rankings of your page will also increase as a result.

 7. Google AuthorshipGoogle authorship

Setup a Google authorship account to see good visibility across your posts and increase search engine traffic. Increase your Site rankings on Google if your Google+ followers search for content related to your site and visit it too.

8. Social Media 

Increase your social media presence by adding Social media share buttons on your post. Google appreciates the Social media connection and has started recognizing the social media signals and ranks your site higher, plus it also encourages traffic from Social media sites.

9. Insert Links Carefully

Link your page blogs or posts to only high quality reputed websites. This will increase your reputation with Google and result in higher rankings. Linking to external websites need to be done carefully as you can end up passing your rankings to other sites and lose your overall ranks.

10. Selection of Hosts for your website

Carefully select efficient hosting sites for your website. The various factors of site hosting like uptime/downtime and the speed of the website can affect your rankings. Therefore carefully choose your hosting sites and continually assess these factors to avoid getting penalized with lower rankings.

11. Proper Usage of Multimedia 

Multimedia features on your website make it visually appealing and attractive. Choose the media like images, videos, graphics etc. The more visuals in the page, the better it is as 90% of memory of a human brain is visual. Increasing multimedia content will result in more engagement, leads, potential customers and views on your website.

12. Develop Sitemap

Creating a properly structured sitemap will go a long way in helping potential customers and Google crawlers to use your site effectively. Potential customers will be able to find what they are searching for with ease.

13. Lastly – Content! Content! Content!content really is king

Write Quality content which is unique to get you noticed by Search engines and increase your traffic. The content should not be plagiarized, do not use copyrighted content, use original ideas. Content should be attractive, engaging, educational and informative.


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