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13 Ways To Make Your Twitter Timeline Better

13 Ways To Make Your Twitter Timeline Better

According to Top Charts, Twitter has 200 million plus registered users and there are 155 million tweets every day on an average, and there are approx 4,60,000 people who join Twitter daily. Now, that’s a huge number, very huge! Twitter has become a great platform for most of the marketers. More than 42% of Twitter’s users are following brands and this makes it obvious that Twitter is one fertile ground for marketing opportunities. It can serve various purposes ranging from spreading awareness of your brand to generate leads, driving traffic to your site, and building a loyal customer base.



Anyone can get a Twitter handle, shoot up their profile photo, fill out their bio and get into the Twitter world with their first tweet. But may get lost among millions of profiles!

Turning your Twitter account into an actual tool that helps you generate leads and build your brand is not that easy, though. With much hype over Twitter, we are somewhat sure that you might be acquainted with what basic marketing strategies could be used on Twitter. This is the reason we have come up with next level tips for you, so as to make your Twitter account a tool to generate sales.

13 Tips Of Posting On Twitter Timeline

1. Articles or Resources

If you find a great article or resource on Twitter, you can copy and paste the link on your timeline. Tweet it out and this is as simple as ABC! An added bonus of this is your influence on Twitter increases as more and more people will click the links that you post.

2. What you are working on

Although you can technically tell your followers what you had for your breakfast. DON’T! They probably will be more interested in the recommendation of the restaurant you had your breakfast from. Use your common sense and post things that are of some value to your followers.

3. Useful Retweets

When good content is shared, it is appreciated. When you read a tweet that you found interesting, don’t keep it to yourself. Retweet it and let your followers read that too.

4. Start a Conversation

This is one of the most powerful though often underutilized features of Twitter. People want to engage with people, not with brands or advertisements. Use Twitter to converse, and genuinely interact with people and you will wonder why you haven’t used that much sooner.



5. Always be questioning

Want to know a good movie to watch tonight or careers in digital marketing? Post question to your Twitter followers. You will not only get an answer to your question but you will also strike a new conversation in the process.

6. Original Content

The most successful Twitters have something of their own to say. Marketing agencies often encourage to model themselves as media agencies in order to cater their customers’ informational needs. Think about any successful marketing agency and you will find a key feature common in all. They create original content for a very simple reason that gives information to their audience that can’t be found anywhere else whether it is news, an editorial page, an opinionated article that generates interest. Twitter is far more effective if the content you are sharing is helpful and most importantly unique to your brand.

7. Leads in Twitter Chats

Well, Twitter Chat is a place where people are interested in a particular subject. Therefore, find one that is on similar lines with the interest of your followers. However, don’t be there to sell. You will be ignored and abandoned in no time.

But you can observe who is chatting and target high-quality prospects to start a relationship with. This way you will have a perfect opportunity to connect with people with the help of comments or casual interactions. For instance, a travel company is posting beautiful pictures of a particular monument in a chat about travel, and adding a fact about that monument. This way they are not focused on selling the tickets or hotel packages but are making a valid conversation.



8. Content sharing should be done more than once

Well, not everyone can be on Twitter 24*7, and most people won’t come to your timeline in case they missed out something. This is the reason you should not feel shy about sharing your content more than once. If we go by statistics, if you post a tweet second time, it will receive 86% as much engagement as the first you tweeted it. The important point to be noted here is that you can experiment with different images or texts while sharing the content and thereby compare the performance. For instance, tweets having URLs in the middle have 26% more chances of getting retweeted as compared to tweets with URLs at the end.

9. Comment to the shared content

When sharing content on Twitter, try to fiddle with it. You can try to fit in a point related to the article or add an important section to it. This can help you go far in helping you to establish a brand name in the industry making you see as a thought leader. If that piece of content was written by a particular influencer or renowned person in your field, you can go on by tagging them in the post or ask a follow-up question. This can help you connect with them and further with their community by creating a relationship that is natural in nature.

10. Industry News

More than any other social networking platform, Twitter has become a resource for staying a source with news and trends. Spreading of an important message is just as important as the message itself. Identify the news that would be of great interest or concern your audience and consider it as your responsibility to deliver it to your followers. You may have heard of the term ‘newsjacking’ and this is exactly why news is one of the most easily shared on social medias as it plays a real-time engagement that attracts users on the social sites.



11. Quality images

Using images in your tweets is extremely important. Your followers will automatically see any image you use in your tweets. So it is important to make it a good one!

If you are using an image in your tweet you should consider these 4 key features:

  • Attractive
  • Does it make sense?
  • Does it appeal to the senses?
  • And finally, is it branded?



12. Do’s
  • Post useful content: Send links to great content and useful arts that pertain your follower’s interest. Posting useful content is the best way to grow and maintain your audience on Twitter.
  • Retweet messages that are important: Retweet messages that you find interesting or useful attributing the original offer.
  • Be human: Messages that look like have been written by marketing don’t go very far on Twitter.
  • Inject some humor into your Twitter: Have fun… Well, Twitter is a humorous place. Just be sure that tweets that you would in a normal environment
  • Thank people who retweet you: Thank people who repost your messages
  • Reply quickly to messages and mentions: Reply promptly to direct messages or tweets in which you are mentioned.
  • Try to help other who need help on Twitter: Find ways to help others. If someone has a question on a subject you have knowledge about. Help them out! Twitter is a generous place. Without this generosity, it would not have grown to a place it is today.



13. Don’ts
  • Don’t post other people’s content: You should not claim others’ content.
  • Don’t argue: Twitter is a public place and has an infinite memory. It is not a place to solve dispute! If you have a strong point make it offline may be in a private conversation.
  • Don’t talk about religion or politics: Don’t talk about subjects like religions or politics unless it is related to your business. Opinions are great but there should be a point from your personal account if you have to.

If you haven’t tried these, go and try them now. We would be glad to hear from you about which tip(s) helped you get a better Twitter timeline! You can also see this article  to have an idea how Twitter could be used for marketing and promotional purposes in an effective way.

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