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15 Kinds of Landing Page Content to Convert Traffic into Profit

15 Kinds of Landing Page Content to Convert Traffic into Profit

Let’s assume-

You have a brilliant offer, product or service to promote.

You also know who your target audience is and you are aware that landing page can be the ideal approach to cajole your audience to take you up, on that offer.

But, what precisely should you put on those landing pages to win over your audience? — Landing Page Content

Now, next question is which kind of Landing Page Content can generate lead for your business? – I will discuss it later. Firstly, let me clear what exactly landing pages are and how they work…

What is Landing Page?

Landing Page can be understood as a single website page that has a single objective to capture the visitor’s contact details like name, email address, gender, phone number, location, etc. Influential landing pages are the foundation of successful sales funnel and they convert traffic into profits with the help of user-oriented strategies.

  • Landing page lets visitors go after a customized next step that keeps them tied up with your offer
  • Landing page incorporates a single focused call-to-action either in the form of a button or in signup form
  • In exchange of landing page content like EBooks, Video, Newsletter, etc. visitors prefer to exchange their contact details

Now, as you know, landing pages are the perfect tool to let targeted audiences focus on one action; dedicated types of landing pages are important to ensure conversions.

Note it- You have to leave out any distractions like navigation menus, banner, or social buttons from your landing page.

3 Types of Landing Pages

  1. Click Through Page

The first type of landing page is one of the simplest, and known as click through page. The entire purpose of this page is to get your visitors to warm up to your product by informing them about your offer and then quickly directing them to click through to your specific product or service via your CTA or call to action button.

Although click through pages typically by pass using a lead form, these pages generally utilize benefit oriented copy or words and simple CTAs to encourage your visitors to buy or use your

  1. Lead Capture pages

Next one is lead capture pages that are more in depth than click through pages because their intent is to gather personal information like name and email address. The contact form on lead capture pages are carefully designed and warded to encourage the visitors to click the CTA button and provide their contact information

Contact form is call to action and heart of lead capture pages.lead-capture-page-salesforce

  1. Squeeze Pages

Squeeze Pages are specifically designed for a visitor to submit their email address in order to proceed further into the page. This squeeze strategy is one of the most effective ways for marketers to grow their email lists and efficiently guide visitors further down in marketing funnel.

The primary goal of squeeze pages is to persuade, influence or you may directly say “squeeze” a visitor into providing one of their email addresses—one of most sought-after and desired pieces of personal information.squeeze-page-examples-backlinko

Landing page lets actual and valued information meet a particular format, and now, time has come to discuss the 15 kinds of Landing Page Content that can effectively generate leads for your business-

15 kinds of Landing Page Content

  1. Landing Page Videos

  • Studies prove that landing page videos are effective in boosting conversions by 20%.
  • Humans generally have attention span of 8 seconds, and videos are most powerful to turn on visitors instantly.
  • Videos easily provide solutions to audiences who are problem aware in the most precise, interesting and time saving manner.
  • Landing page videos speak directly to your potential audience, and with a simple and convincing script, a lapel mic and well lit corner, you can persuade your audience to provide their important details.
  1. Testimonials

  • Adding testimonials on relevant landing pages can also be an effective way to convince your audience to provide contact details.
  • Testimonials let your audiences know about your capability to offer a particular service/product in most believable manner.
  • Brief testimonials do more magic that thousand words of persuasion as it builds emotional credibility with your potential customers.
  • Testimonials are best for the audiences who put their stock in user-reviews and it is best-fit for pages that are designed to get product sales.
  1. E-Books

  • E-books are considered as one of the most popular types of landing page offer used to generate powerful leads.
  • Through e-books, you can educate your prospects about your services and gain their credibility in your business.
  • It is very important to choose a topic that will persuade your prospect to download your e-book by having conversion-oriented conversation with your sales team member.
  • Creating a content that aligns with your brand, and building a landing page around that will for sure be effective enough to get contact details of prospects.
  1. Storytelling in Our Story Section

  • If you have a powerful story about the inception of your company, do not let that hidden on a corner of About-Us page.
  • Sharing company’s story on Landing Pages inspires and influences audiences to know more about your product and services.
  • With powerful storytelling, you can establish a connection with your audience in an authentic way that also establishes your authority in the psyche of your prospects.
  • Let your story unfolds its next chapter when your prospect say yes to the given offer as this does magic with customers who like to go with businesses that motivate and make them feel good.
  1. Comparison Charts

  • Taking your competition head on and providing comparison chart can convince customers who prefer to do lots of research before making a purchase.
  • Comparison chart provides all the believable data to your audience in a balanced and neutral tone as it is very important to not be hyperbolic while describing you’re better than other possible alternatives.
  • It lets your prospects know about the pitfalls or expenses that they can avoid by accepting your offer.
  • Comparison charts are best-fit to convert leads to go for feature-heavy products and services.
  1. Video Courses

  • People love to fill out a form or provide contact details in exchange of tutorials or courses.
  • You can provide video courses either by hiring professionals for that or by shooting and editing video in-house.
  • Providing glimpse of your video-lesson, and then asking prospects to provide email details for exchanging  complete video tutorial aids you engage participants more lucratively.
  • LinkedIn’s learning platform, Lynda is one of the best examples of Video-Course landing page content.
  1. Tools & Free Apps

  • Providing interactive tools on landing page can be a tedious approach, but if they are useful for your prospects then the payoff deserves real applauds.
  • Feedback of tools lets marketers get more important details compared to the contact information they get in exchange of tools on landing page.
  • Offering free versions of your products or services on landing pages in the form of apps with fewer features can be a prudent choice of landing page content.
  • Free apps on landing page are quite lucrative in enticing users to provide their contact details in exchange of an interesting and useful app.
  1. Quiz Content

  • Quiz content can be quite beneficial as landing page content as it has great engagement power.
  • By using templates of 2 or 3 option quiz with their answers and a relevant offer you can instantly grab attention of your prospects.
  • Quiz content does magic with audiences who have limited time and enjoy interesting ways of learning.
  • Quiz content are best for ‘how-to’ pages as it creates curiosity in the mind of prospects, and once they get answers of some interesting questions, their zeal to learn more increases.
  1. Sales Letter

  • Sales letter has encompassing power to move and motivate digital audiences too.
  • Sales letters have compelling and linked narrative that excels through excellent copywriting.
  • Entrepreneurs preferably use sales letters to tell their personal story to develop emotional connect with visitors.
  • Sales letters generally include a story that addresses visitors’ problems and does magic with visitors who love to respond to emotional appeals.
  1. Bullet Points

  • Bullet points cater to readers’ propensity to scan as they let readers stop and pay heed upon important points related to your products and services.
  • They let your visitors easily be aware with the important points as generally, people do not like to read in details and bullet points make your landing page content be more digestible.
  • By using an appealing tone, you can easily let your bullet points be a conversion-oriented landing page content.
  • It is best for visitors who like to get introduced with important details upfront and it suits best with the offers that you cannot sum up in a few lines.
  1. ‘How does it Work’ Content

  • Such kind of landing page content is best to have on targeted landing pages.
  • ‘How does it work’ content exactly explains what your product and service can offer in more understandable format.
  • Such landing page content are quite lucrative with prospects who are now well-aware with your kind of businesses/services/products.
  • This landing page content is best-fit for hard to believe claims, and it also helps in ensuring conversions for direct sales.
  1. Mini or Micro Blog Post

  • Blogs are one of the most significant parts of digital marketing and using shorter blogs on your landing pages can be quite advantageous too.
  • Such blog posts act as lead magnets and entice visitors to download or subscribe your offer.
  • Blog posts are productive with the visitors who discover your site for the first time.
  • Mini/Micro blog posts are beneficial for mini-sites and welcome pages of blogs.
  1. Cheat Sheets & Check Lists

  • Cheat sheets are short and to the point offers that come up with clear heads and they have a powerful visual appeal too to entice your visitors.
  • Cheat sheets on landing page include symbols, commands, terms and other related things along with imagery suggestions and valuable content.
  • Checklists are short and concise yet convincing landing page content that incorporates colorful designs, headers, and brief content.
  • Content of checklist should include texts that explain why it would be good for visitors to download the same. Never give any navigation on your landing page as this takes away your audiences to another page.
  1. Kits & Contests

  • Kits on landing page can be understood as pieces of content that are grouped together in the form of an offer.
  • Media kits are one of the most popular kits-content offered on landing pages in exchange of contact details. Kits are interesting and provide interactive presentation that includes original data and research with powerful glossary to coax visitors.
  • Contests on landing pages are greatly admired by prospects and additionally, they update you a lot about audiences’ preferences and personality details too.
  • Contests easily develop an emotional connection with visitors and you can also use them on other social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.
  1. Podcasts & Webinars

  • Podcasts as landing page content are effective in establishing your brand as a source of expertize in the eyes of your target audiences.
  • You can easily update your audiences by offering latest-news subscriptions, and making podcasts is quite easy and cost-effective too as you only need a microphone and an interesting speaker who can engage your visitors every time.
  • Webinar is another popular landing page content format that engages your business prospects through thought leadership and establishes a powerful emotional connect with them.
  • Webinars on lading page demand right strategy and wall-to-wall planning and promotion, and if done in right fashion, it can create best leads in shortest span of time. It should represent you as an expert as that leads-on prospective attendees of your webinars.weekly-webinar-landing-page

The Little More to Learn Section

Along with over cited 15 types of landing page content, there are some other popular landing page content too e.g.-

  • Demos- scheduling demo with your audience and adding calls to action on your site intrigue users to follow your offer by exchanging asked personal details, which will aid you in converting them into your loyal clients
  • Numbered Lists- are perfect with visitors who want to understand what they are going to get from your offer. It is very good for the landing pages that are used to break down complex information of any particular product or service
  • Email Subscriptions- are best in converting blog readers into leads that further be converted into loyal customers. Adding one step form on your interesting blogs may cajole your visitors to subscribe you and provide contact details in exchange of informative blogs
  • Templates- are one of the most loved landing page content that let readers create something on their own, which entices them provide their contact details. One of the best examples of templates is providing template for creating powerful infographics
  • SlideShare Presentations- are low-effort way of attracting and convincing visitors on landing page. SlideShare is one of the best ways of attracting great traffic as it offers appealing, informative and organized details in a creative and attractive format
  • FAQs- can also be a powerful sales tool if wisely used on landing page. With this, you can create anticipation in the minds of your audience and then by providing convincing answers, you can win their hearts and ensure a conversion
  • Whitepapers- are quite persuasive, informative and academic landing page content that provides effective solution to any general problem of prospects. Visitors love whitepapers because they are authentic, detailed, informative and authoritative
  • Events- Asking personal information to your prospects to send the e-mails to attend an interesting event that benefits them is a prudent way of convincing them to go through your offer. You can also offer them ticket and ID badge in advance

Conclusion- All types of landing page content serve a specific job and by using well-examined landing page content on your business-site, you can have a landing page that best resonates with your prospects and ensures more leads, which further get converted into loyal customers.

Letting your audiences stay alert with new topics and formats that are intrigue, appealing and relevant is key to ensure profit-oriented conversions with landing page content.

From Videos to Webinars to E-Books to Free Apps to Podcasts: – landing page content acts as lead magnet and persuades your target leads to subscribe, use and enjoy your product and services on regular basis.

By doing so, it converts traffic into profits.

If you have thought of some other types of landing page content too, share that in comment section given below. To know more about landing page and digital marketing, follow Digital Vidya Blogs.

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