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15 Must Do’s For Higher PPC Conversions

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PPC or Pay Per Click campaigns are run on Google to increase conversions when a user who wants the product of the advertiser, clicks on the ad to get a better understanding of the product and finally purchases it. Hence any advertiser would want higher PPC conversions. To enhance conversions, following areas should be given importance :

1) Determine What Conversions To Track

An Adwords Campaign manager has a lot to handle. Hence, he has to determine what he wants to track. One could track sales, email sign ups, engagements or certain pages, downloads or shares etc. An Ecommerce company would like to track sales. The ultimate objective should be to increase ROI.

2) Google Conversions And Analytics

Through Analytics one comes to know where conversions are happening. Is it across campaigns or ads or keywords or any other segment? This leads to focus and utilization of time and effort on targeted areas and curbs wasteful expenditure.

3) Time

Segment views in Google Adwords helps in finding the hour of the day or the day of the week when conversions are maximum. Ads should focus and bids should be made such that the ads are within budgets and sales are on the increase.

4) Network

Google has many Search Partners which an advertiser can leverage for paid search ads. If conversions are not happening on these networks then one should just focus on Google networks and not other partners.

5) Click Type

One can find out whether conversions are happening through Headlines or through Sitelinks. If Sitelinks conversions are decent, improving copy of Sitelinks makes sense to improve conversions.

6) Device

Track conversions on different devices and concentrate on devices with maximum conversions. Thus between mobiles, laptops and tablets, budgets should be allocated in such a way that conversions and finally sales increase.

7) Remarketing

The latest tool on Google viz., Remarketing should be practiced where visitors are high such that higher conversions happen when ads follow the customer on Google whenever they search related products. This increases visibility and hence clicks and finally increase in ROI.

8) Align Adcopy With Landing Pages

A PPC adcopy should align with the right Landing Pages. One has to get the right shopper in front of the right Landing Page to increase Quality Score and hence reduce Cost Per Click .

9) Proper Landing Pages

For any digital marketing campaign to be successful one has to set up proper Landing Pages.

10) Leverage Special Offers

Incorporate Google Ads to make the most of special offers for customers who shop only during sales. Consider making a special offer for those who sign up and make a purchase.

11) Negative Words

If keywords are not increasing conversions then add them to the negative lists. This will lower CPC and make your budget last longer.

12) Leverage Mobile More

Studies show that the spend on mobiles is on an increase. To gain and leverage the maximum out of these, focus should be on mobile ads.

13) Pseudo Automate

When you have big budgets and a lot to manage, automating PPC campaigns increases conversions. Hence create rules within Adwords to improve conversions.

14) Implement Click Through Rate Best Practices

Use strategies to increase Click Through Rates. Targeting the right users with the right ads only increases your chances of conversions on your websites.

15) Product List Ads

If you have quality images and competitive prices, you should advertise on Product List Ads.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      What is the relationship between Key word and conversion? Key words generally help in page ranking and taking audience to the related landing page. How does it directly lead conversion?

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