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15 Search Engine Marketing Tips To Follow In Your PPC Campaign This Year

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Getting your homework done is always advisable before the test, especially when you are in Search Engine Marketing. PPC campaigns are riding high on various techniques used by a digital marketer. Lets take a look at 15 such workable techniques for your PPC campaign this year:

1. Keyword Research:

Finding the relevant keywords for the business is very important.Brainstorm on the related keywords which would eventually convert into sales. Try various combinations with a mix of generic as well as specific keywords. Get the knack of it or hire an expert!

2. Ad Testing:

Why not spend some time testing your Ad? Include the features and benefits in variations to be provided to your customers. A well written Ad would lead to conversions. The content should be compelling enough to attract customers. Run at least two Ad copies simultaneously to test which one is effective.

3. Audit PPC Campaigns:

Another tip to excel in Search Engine Marketing is to perform an audit.It is ideal to perform it when you start a new project. There are many tools available in the marketplace to perform PPC audit. It would allow you to compare the data with competition on parameters such as CTR, Quality Score, negative keywords, ad text, landing pages etc.

4. Speed Up Your Site:

Everyone wants a lightening response on a website. You only get few seconds to stand out, hence hurry up! speed up your website. There are many tools available on internet to offer techniques to improve content, page size and download time.

5. Use Analytics:

You don’t wanna miss this. Web Analytics is unavoidable if you are in Search Engine Marketing. The analysis of data, reporting and the patterns of user behavior can be monitored using Google Analytics. So, make the best use of them to prevail in the marketplace.

6. Remarketing:

How do you re-engage a customer who once visited your site and left without a purchase? This is an excellent technique to re-establish a connection with the customers to improve conversion rates. Using Re-marketing lists would let you know who have visited your site in the past, so as to target them again.

7. Use ”Sign in” Buttons:

Another unavoidable tip to be followed is the use of “Sign in” buttons such as “Sign in with Twitter” or ”Sign in with Facebook“. Most of the internet users are active on Social Media, it a friendly way to extend a hand to bring customers closer.

8. Phone Extensions:

Don’t wait until users open your site, let them call you directly on your numbers for your services. Quite often we encounter impatient users who would prefer to speak over phone. Phone extensions come in handy and help improve conversion rates.

9. User Friendly Landing Pages:

A delighted customer is a blessing to the business, not only he walks away happy but he would spread the word. Hence, it becomes imperative to design a user friendly landing page to ease user experience. This may include usage of large buttons which are ‘finger click’ friendly, links and asking for limited information as per business requirements.

10. Site Link Extensions:

Site Link extensions can be used for directing customers to the popular parts of the website, thus increases traffic and eventually CTR. The link should relate to the website content only.

11. Geo-targeting:

You can’t miss this if business is local and contained to a specific area such as a City, region or area encompassing a pin code. Geo-targeting makes sure that you are visible only to the customers who are in your area. In Google Adwords, there is an option to specify radius within which users would be able to search you.

12. Quality Score:

Work towards improving the Ad relevancy, CTR and landing page – factors determining the Quality Score. More relevant the Ad, better are the chances of a good Quality Score and better positioning of the Ad.

13. Run Reports:

Run reports on the top 10 keywords which have the biggest impact on your PPC campaign. This ensures that you are spending the right way. Analyzing and optimizing this area can reap huge dividends.

14. Use Bullet Points:

Another way to improve landing page experience for the user experience is to convey your messages in bullet points. For example, listing your offerings in bullet form would highlight only the key points relevant to user.

15. Learn From Failure:

Last but not the least, learn from your failures, in Search Engine Marketing there are multiple facets to look at and in such a competitive marketplace it is prudent to keep learning from the mistakes we have made in the past and not repeat them. Focus on the strengths and use the techniques best suited to your requirements.

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