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15 Social Media Marketing Tips To Invite More Customers To Your Restaurant

15 Social Media Marketing Tips To Invite More Customers To Your Restaurant

15 Social Media Marketing Tips To Invite More Customers To Your RestaurantMany restaurants want to use social media tools in their marketing mix, but they don’t know how to implement it to generate more engagement and get more customers walking through their door.

Here are 15 top social media marketing tactics for restaurant business that will attract more customers.

  • Think like a customer: When promoting a restaurant, the restauranteur should know the expectations of customers. Find out out why do customers visit their restaurant and what do they like here the most? Create a tone according to that on social media channels.
  • Think about making a long term waitress as the face of social media campaigns.  If the restaurant is known for its great quality food, then create social media posting around chef of that particular item. Attract personal attention of customers and create more awareness.
  • Focus on Facebook marketing. More and more restaurants are actively using the Facebook channel to engage with their customers online. Facebook is the perfect online platform to connect with people personally and professionally. This is the place where people hang out with friends and family members.Add an impressive cover image. Use delicious photos of popular food of the restaurant or pictures of people having a good time with friends at the restaurant as the cover image. Change cover image whenever there is a change in the menu.

  • 15 Social Media Marketing Tips To Invite More Customers To Your RestaurantUse Facebook page tabs and make to entice people to visit the restaurant. The first four tabs are the most crucial as these tabs would always show up on the front page  by default.
  • Include many enticing pictures of food on Facebook page and improve engagement levels amongst the followers and customers because images and videos are widely shared on Facebook. Add pictures of food in regular Facebook updates and create a look of the current menu items. Embed videos into an update or in a tab. Include videos of an interview with happy customers, or chef or interiors of the kitchen in the updates.
  • Include Geo target ads: Facebook ads have an option to choose ads targeting to people of a particular location. This is a great choice for restaurants as they can target their ads just for people from a particular location or region.
  • Organize social sweepstakes and contests on the Facebook page. These types of promotions would add a lot of excitement and get more interactions from customers and fans. Research shows that these types of activities can actually bring back more customers.
  • Focus on Instagram marketing. Instagram, a popular photo sharing site, is one of the best channels to promote restaurant business. Most of the times Facebook fans post Instagram pictures to their Facebook friends. Hashtags are used widely on Instagram. Use relevant trending hashtags to improve awareness about Instagram profile and restaurant.15 Social Media Marketing Tips To Invite More Customers To Your Restaurant
  • Include hashtags of niche market: Use specific hashtags of niche  market and get more popularity. Instagram is a mobile social site so people can access it on their phone while traveling. Include a particular location in the tags and the restaurant will be found by foot traffic automatically.
  • Include delicious pictures of food on Instagram site to entice its audience and thereby attract more visitors to the restaurant. Include pictures of staff working with a menu item in the instagram feed with a short and impressive description about it.  Use these pictures to show  how the establishment value their employees contribution.
  • Encourage customers to take pictures of their favorite food items and upload them on Instagram. This way build menu of images on the Instagram site and invite more interactions.
  • Use specific hashtags for each campaign. When running any contest or group  campaigns, create a hashtag exclusively for such campaign ctivities. This will improve engagement rate from the followers.
  • Focus on Twitter marketing. Twitter is the second most popular social media channel and this platform is widely used by restaurants across the world to promote their food and brand image. Include a link to food menu and food images in tweets and this will make the followers to make an easy choice for food. Use hashtags in Twitter updates.
  • Send tweets at a particular time and intervals. Send tweets around breakfast, lunch and dinner timings. Tweets send out at the particular timings will create a huge impact as the tweets would show up in Follower’s feed instantly at the appropriate time. Use hashtags for the lunch and dinner meal times as this would make easier for followers to find the event on Twitter search.
  • Promote best tweets: Choose some of the best tweets that was posted earlier. Pay to promote them to targeted audience.

Image and Video Sources : Google images and YouTube

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