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17 Tips To Attract Inbound Marketing Leads Through Quality Content

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According to research by content marketing institute and marketing professionals, 90% of B2C marketers use content marketing but only 34% believe it’s effective.

17 Tips For Content Marketing And Lead Generation:

1. Provide value

According to Connie Bensen, global social media, “The content should be branded at the end of the piece of the content in eBooks or infographics.It shouldn’t be too long and provide specific value to the reader.” In eBooks, there must be fascinating infographics that motivates the reader to read.

2. Build followers and influencers on the network

According to David Berkowitz, MRY, “The content writing depends on the goals, B2C should follow Pinterest as they can share product imagery, build a following and share content that influences on the network.” B2B brands can build their network on LinkedIn and start job-hunting network like Media Company.

3. E-mail people in your network

According to Bernie Borges, Find and Convert, “To generate lead through content marketing be e-mailing people in your network, ask questions on a topic and publish their responses through blog posts and e-book.” An example for this post is Heidi Cohen.

4. Be consistent

According to Michael Benner, SAP and B2B marketing insider, “the use of content marketing is to generate leads by being consistent. The brand that regularly posts contents is more valuable and consistent to the brand that doesn’t.”

5. Provide appropriate content

According to Heidi Colhen-Actionable Marketing Guide, “It is best to provide appropriate content at each phase of purchase process including research, engagement, buying, post purchase and advocacy. To interact with customers and not to push them to buy the product. Finally, convert the leads to customers by creating effective content that is of high quality and build a long-term relationship with them.”

6. Attract content

According to Andy Crestodina-orbit media, author of content chemistry, “Content marketing has indirect impact on lead generation.” There is a need to attract content to rank the top phrases as this creates the social signals and links that build up credibility and over all rank. A proper search optimized content is created to rank the related phrases which makes it credibile. The content is promoted through social media and email marketing to grow the shares and links.

7. Create content that community craves

According to Mike Delgado, Experian-North America, “If you create a killer content, then your community will do the promotion for you.” E.g., HubSpot churn out valuable eBooks and whitepapers to help target audiences, they don’t spend money promoting the content as their content is great.

8. Content turning into leads

According to Dave Kerpen, Likeable Media, Author Of likeable business and Likeable Social Media, “The best way to generate leads is putting great content by ebooks, webinars, podcasts, whitepapers, etc. that’s gated by a form by collecting lead data (name,email,phone number, etc).”

9. Use personal experience in your Content

According to Alan K’necht, Digital Always Media Inc, “Write content that your audience values and relates to. Use personal experience in your Content, while discussing an issue, resolve the issue and have a solution.” To have good quality leads, if conducting a contest then have a verifiable qualification.

10. Free guides, user guides and case studies

According to Arnie Khan, Vertical Measures, author of accelerate, “To generate leads through content marketing provide free guides, user guides and case studies.” If you provide a good authorative guide on a specific topic relevant to a segment of your business you want to grow, then you are providing a relevant content to the prospective customer, with this you can address people whenever they are in sales cycle. While exchanging free guides as some information in return such as name, email, company as this easily generates leads and builds your business.

11. Big rock piece of content

According to Jason Miller, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, “To have a big rock content that will generate leads. As this content can answer your customers and prospects both strategically and instructionally.” E.g., the sophisticated Marketer’s Guide To LinkedIn ,the re-purpose was into 2 infographics, 5 BlogPosts, 2 slideshare decks and more. The idea is to create the content as to be social and generate demand.

12. Create content for buyer’s interest

Jesse Noyes, Kapost asks to think of campaigns that are content driven and not channel driven. If the content is produced based on buyer’s interest as it is well crafted and insightful then you generate the right kind of leads. So, map out the flow of the content and how the buyer will interact with it. So he starts with the content pillar which includes blog posts, infographics, videos, etc. that are unrated and will drive traffic to the pillar; whitepapers, deck, case studies, etc.that further move the buyer to purchase and relate back to the pillar that he or she is ought in the first place.

The campaigns from multi-campaign mindset is by selecting channels that are more likely to generate leads that fit the buyer personas, but it takes planning, tracking, and measuring results in best way.

13. Unique Content

According to Phil Paranicas, Thomas Net, “To have excellent, helpful and unique content, give it away for free, but has premium content such as white papers and case studies.” Make the full content available in exchange for the user’s name and email address. As this information is collected then you can nature them into leads.

14. Understanding between your existing and prospective customers

According to Paul Roetzer, PR 20/20 and author of the marketing agency blueprint, “To develop a better understanding between existing and prospective customers and then use content, events and interactive online tools to capture leads.”

15. Use educational content

According to Dayna Rothman, Marketo, Author of lead Generation for Dummies, “Content marketing works best when you use at the top of the funnel, educational content as today’s customers don’t want to be sold they want to be educated.” If you use educational content in your campaigns you can build trust in your leads and once you can trust and respect you can move leads through sales channels.

16. Promote content through paid organic means

According to Neal Schaffer, Maximize your Social, Author of Maximize Your Social, “Creating downloadable content like eBooks and newspapers it is better to promote them through paid and organic means is not the best approach, but the best way to generate leads through content marketing.”

17.Use the content in multiple channels

Jim Siegel, HealthCare Chaplaincy Network says that multi-purpose your content in various channels through websites, blog, social media, and digital publications.

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      Nikhita Reddy   /   Reply

      Some points are explained in a very clear manner. But i think you can still do a better job by explaining them in a more detailed way. Point number 10 was very well explained. Any one who follow these steps will surely get good marketing leads .

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