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2 Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Are Eating Away Your Profits

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Are you using social media? Is your social media marketing strategy refined enough to cater to your target audience adequately on a regular basis? If you nodded your head in affirmation then you can congratulate yourself for your achievements but what if you have a ‘no’ for an answer? The good piece of news is that this blog has brought to you the 2 biggest and the most common mistakes that the businesses like you are making unknowingly or due to lack of time. Read on to locate the problems and find their solutions as well.

1. Ignoring the social side of social media

The first mistake is not to take social media marketing as a two way road. If you fail to understand this very basic feature of social media then you are putting yourself under great risk of losing not just the money and time you invest in operating it but also the fans and the loyal customers present here. You need to remain current and update good content regularly say every day or every second day or so. This will strengthen the bond between your business and your audience gradually.

2. Ignoring the grievances aired online

What is the need of responding online to a complaint which has been put forward by an aggrieved customer on a social networking site on your company’s page? If you think so, then, you are committing a serious mistake! A complaint that is aired online should be responded to in a courteous and polite manner as soon as possible. The situations like these are a great opportunity to exhibit the social side of your business and regain the confidence of not just the aggrieved customer but also the wide audience that can be your potential leads.

Launching a social media campaign may be easy but running it successfully and in a sustainable manner is quite a difficult task. If you do not have enough time to handle it on your own, then, you can employ services of a social media manager to take care of your business online and help you gain an edge over your competitors quite fast.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Very good logic has been cited in the point.2. It is really important to be positive and non-reactive on social media.

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