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2 Browsers Strategies that Will Surely Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

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The Internet is a competitive market and in all that you do, your goal as an online marketer should be outthinking your immediate competition. Innumerable strategies have already been devised to help with search engine optimization. The problem with this is that most of your competition is also using these strategies. So, what has not yet been tried?

Practically all the available marketing strategies have already been used. It is up to you as a marketer to find the ones that are least used. This post looks at a few browsers related techniques you can use to boost your ranking. The post will look at two parts: browser compatibility and browser add-ons.

  1. Browser Compatibility

    Browser Compatibility


There is an array of Internet browsers that people use. The main ones are Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. The choice of a browser is based on a user’s personal preferences, compatibility issues and what is installed on the computer. Simply put, everyone uses a different browser.

Therefore, the biggest mistake you can make as an online marketer is to design a website or blog for one specific browser. What this means is that you are only catering to persons using a specific browser. This might lose you traffic since you don’t know how your website looks on other browsers.

SEO is more than just the content

Content is the main thing that people think about when considering search engine optimization. Needless to say, thanks to advanced search engine algorithms, videos and images are also considered when ranking a website. Your website may be ranked on top but if the web content does not load well on a preferred browser, your high ranking will do you no good. This is why you have to consider cross-browser compatibility.

Cross-browser compatibility

This is the process of ensuring that your website looks almost the same on all major web browsers. This is also the process of ensuring a website is both viewable and usable in all major browsers.

When doing this, it is important to remember that there are certain designs and codes that will not look the same in every browser regardless of how hard you try to tweak them. The important thing is to ensure that your website is viewable and can be used with ease by anyone regardless of the browser they are using.

Do not forget about mobile browsers when it comes to cross-browser compatibility. The responsive web design you create should also work perfectly on browsers installed on mobile devices.

What happens if the website is not cross-browser compatible?

People who do not incorporate cross-browser compatibility into their SEM strategies are simply viewed by their traffic as persons that don’t care. What message do you think your guests get if your website cannot be viewed on Opera or Internet Explorer?

The purpose of your website is to serve everyone that is visiting it. Your visitors should not have to install new browsers to view your website. You should also never include a notice that asks your visitors to use a specific browser for them to see your content better. It is your job to make sure your website works perfectly for everyone.

  1. Browser Add-ons

    add ons


Browser compatibility is just one of the most important things you have to do to boost the amount of traffic your website gets. Another important thing you should consider doing is to make use of browser add-ons. Some of the best add-ons you can consider include the following.

  • Mozbar

This is an extension for both Chrome and Firefox. The toolbar reveals crucial data about a page that you are browsing including its Meta details, domain authority, Moz rank and more. This add-on is especially important to bloggers who are searching for reliable resources to link within their post. It will help create quality links from great websites.

  • Firebug 

This add-on is designed for Mozilla and is popular in the designer community. This tool enables you to do a number of things among them editing CSS, JS in real-time, debug a code, check source code and check load time of a page. The tool will help review a code more keenly to determine whether a your website’s code is optimized.

  • CheckMyLinks

This is an essential tool for both content editors and link builders. It will help you determine whether a link on a web page is working or not. The tool makes it possible for you to scan all the links on a page. It will help you identify the broken links. This is definitely one of the key add-ons you must have if you are involved in link building.

  • Majestic SEO add-on

The great thing about this add-on is that it will help you identify link profiles of a page, check its record and many other details. The tool gives you the power of MajesticSEO official website. The downside of using this add-on is that you need access to token which is available to paid members.

  • Redirect Path Checker add-on

This is a powerful Chrome add-on that will help check HTTP header and flag up common HHTP status code such as 301, 302, 404 and 500. This is a simple browser extension that is very effective in debugging serious problems such as redirect issues. This is an important tool for the SEO experts.

  • Boomerang for Gmail

If you are involved in email marketing, this is a great add-on that will boost your email outreach. You can set it to notify you when a recipient has not replied to your email in ‘x’ number of days. This helps keep track of your outreach and also helps you send reminders accordingly. The tool works well with Chrome, Firefox and Safari and supports both Gmail and Google Apps.

There are many more add-ons you can use among them Ghostery, User Agent Switcher, iMacros, Screenhero, Nofollow and more. The key is to use the one that are practical to you.

The aforementioned browser strategies will help boost your search engine ranking. They should be used to supplement your normal online marketing strategies and not as replacements.


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