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2 Effective Tips To Leverage Video Content In Social Media Marketing 

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Social media marketing via the medium of text, though quite popular and also effective, often turns out to be a dull affair.  It is virtually a faceless interaction and so can lead to boredom.  However, it is no more so with the introduction of video content.  By judiciously blending the text with visuals, it is possible to brighten up and enliven even the most monotonous or serious content.  It just spices up your social media marketing efforts.  By adhering to the following tips, you can achieve wonderful results.

1. Optimize video using ‘Time Stamps’

It is not always possible for people to watch a 90 or 60 minute video but they are certainly interested in viewing some of the significant portions of it. Rather than sharing a video on a social media platform, use time stamps (interactive) which will enable the viewers to go straight away to those points of the video they are more interested in.

For creating time stamps, go to ‘Edit Post’ on Google+.  The sections you wish to mark may be numbered and then each section will be made a hyperlink for you by the Google. You can also give section titles and put a distinctive mark like asterisk or arrow etc. on both sides of the title to highlight it. Every section can be promoted by scheduling updates. In this manner, you can post one video many times. This method will surely enliven your content.

2. Target the intended audience

You should use the social media as a tool to target only the valuable audience. For this to happen, you have to decide with whom you have to connect with, to whom you can render your services and to whom you can give value. It is of no use to navigate online without knowing the answer to these questions and your message in such a scenario is most likely to be lost in the crowd.

The following tips will help you in proper targeting of the market:

  • You should clearly identify as to whom you want to reach, i.e., whether you want to reach former customers or will like to target new ones or even target the industry leaders or any other class of audience?
  • To target your market in a precise manner, you should specify the features, characteristics and motivation etc.
  • Identify the areas in which you can help your target audience such as saving their time or money, building awareness of their brand or simply in the expansion of their business.
  • It will help greatly if you keep a watch over how the members in the market that you are targeting, spend their time online.  This way, you will be able to know if they are interested in coupons or tips or dialogue with some popular brands/industry leaders.

The identification of the target market is the cornerstone of any sound social media marketing strategy which helps in building relationships and creating increased business opportunities.

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