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2 Highly Inspiring Examples In The Field Of Inbound Marketing

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Many times, a child cries not because of hunger, but to draw attention of his/her parents. Drawing attention of others is not an artificial action, but a natural action. It depends on your personality, your gesture and posture, your emotional intelligence and your way of perceiving and behaving in a situation. There are many public speaking professionals, but only few of them are popular. Why? It is not due to what they speak, but their unique communication skills. It is due to their sensitivity to the audience.  There lies the seed of their success. For example, Sarthak Sengupta and Sahil Bagga – the designer dudes, perceive and imagine design beyond furniture. To them, every piece of design means a holistic combination of ethics, ethnicity and ecology. They do not consider design only as means to satisfy certain customer needs, but to fulfill their subtle desires and expectations from an object or article. The designer duo is not just conceptualizing different designs, but they design differently through non-conventional way and with their innovative ideas. And this has brought them into the limelight. If you want to draw attention of your potential customers, then you’ve to awaken the creative child inside you, who tunes his/her self with his/her contemporaries, but creates his/her own impression and steals the show.

Salil and Sarthak

(Fig. Sahil and Sarthak)

Also, there is another example from the city of Coimbatore. On East Arokiasamy Road, R.S.Puram area, Coimbatore, there is a small pan (beedas) shop, run by two brothers for more than last 30 years. They started selling ordinary beedas in the beginning. Later, they used their creative minds to add variety of customized tests and flavors in the beedas. Gradually, the shop has become one of the popular destinations for the beeda lovers of the city. According to them, the beedas are the calling card and it draws old as well as new customers to their shop. This is no magic. They believe, it is the combination of ingredients inside the beedas, which attract and hold customers at their shop. They observe, the customers pop the beedas into their mouths and offer smiles as if everything is fine in the world.

The above examples could be inspiring for the inbound marketers. Someone may ask, how? Yes, there is the answer. We’ve to understand the chemistry between ‘human mind, their desires and preferences and the objects they are looking for’. That understanding can definitely help us to plan, design, display and manage the content to optimize our inbound marketing efforts.    


2.The Hindu, Coimbatore,30-4-2014

Have not yet given up my learning spree. Recently doing internship at Digital Vidya.

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      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Offline marketing techniques could be the great source of learning for online marketers.

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