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2 Great Web / Google Analytics Tips You Can trust Completely

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There are thousands of tricks and tips talked about by now and by people, but only some are relevant for all businesses. Here are simply 2 out those thousands of tips and tricks, which were first being a tip and second being a trick to use Google Analytics effectively for your website.

First one is, Sorting According To Weight. As the term sorting itself indicates ascending or descending arrangements of anything within data. “Weighted Sort”, a new feature in google analytics sorts data according to its relevancy and not just following a pattern of any numeric order. Like for example, calculated 100% bounce rate for just one single session will not be as effective in providing any information as that of calculated 70-80% bounce rate for a number of sessions. Confused, right? Well, let’s make it simple. Consider two conditions as follows:

First Condition:
  • Keyword – Running pair of shoes
  • Session – 1
  • Page / Sessions – 1.00
  • Bounce Rate – 100%
Second Condition:
  • Keyword – Sports Shoes
  • Session – 100
  • Page / Sessions – 1.15
  • Bounce Rate – 88%

It clearly indicates that sorting by simply bounce rate is not as useful as according to its relevance or importance. Here, running pair of shoes has single session with 100% bounce rate. To consider this as a concern, if user focus on second condition where number of sessions are quite high with some 88% of bounce rate will give more information insight to think over it and strategize further accordingly. Second one is a trick to export data more than 500 to excel or any other tool from google analytics.

Google analytics usually allows users to export upto 500 numbers / items for any of the tools in order to excel and to manipulate / experiment over it for further analysis. Since, users always have tremendous amount of data to analyze and not just simple 500 as a number so if suppose an analysts have discovered some 15000 different organic keywords which can be taken into consideration, then he / she has to export 30 times at every step which is time consuming and tedious task to do. So, what user can do is:

First select 500 as a number to display as shown below:


Then go to page URL:


Hunt for a number 500 in it and replace it with 15000 and then click enter. Rest do not need anything else and it will done by google analytics only.

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