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2 Incredible Steps In Search Engine Optimization To Push Your Website To The Google Results Page 1

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You must have tried various ways to rank high in search results. Isn’t it? How far have you succeeded? This is not at all a simple task and you deserve kudos if your answer to this question is positive. But if it had been a problem for you till now, you have got a solution right in this blog. The task of performing just the right way with ‘Search Engine Optimization’ is no longer a secret and involves just 2 simple steps that you need to follow and score high in the business world by grabbing a position in any of the top 3 search results of Google. Here they go.

The first good tip is to focus on the title of your website. Why is it important to do so? The title of your website not only communicates the basic idea about the business you are doing but it is also an important part of the trick to succeed with SEO. If you own a website, first thing you need to do is to download a free HTML editor such as This can be downloaded from the website of Coffee Cup. After this step, go to the index page of the HTML editor and click on ‘Copy Editor’. Then, select ‘Title’ from the drop down menu. This will enable you to enter the title of your website at the place of <Title> written second time. A good title can do wonders for your website in terms of search results.

The next step you need to follow is to select ‘metadescription’ from the same drop down menu. This will give you an opportunity to add a description of your choice at the appropriate place. One thing to note about this description is that you must include as many keywords as possible in this. Do not overdo it, though. This is relevant as Google does not give much importance to the keywords now. This step holds great importance in your endeavour to score high. Hence, you must ensure that you write a good description for your website.

These 2 steps may change the way your business website performs on Google search results. These steps are not just easy to follow but also free of cost.

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      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Seems the tips are useful. I would like to see its impact on our website.

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