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2 Major LinkedIn Tips For Leveraging Social Media Marketing

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As you know there are many popular social media platforms being used by people for any specific or multiple purposes. The entire social media space has emerged as a rainbow, where it is difficult to choose any particular color as the most beautiful and appealing. Every color in the social media rainbow has something to offer and has its own importance. As marketers we need to understand, which platform would be appropriate for our purpose and accordingly we’ve to learn to optimize that for our said or defined purpose. You can use multiple social media space but take care so that you can avoid the mess. Especially, when you’ve decided to leverage LinkedIn for your business or brand, you’ve to take extra care to prove yourself professional and focused. Otherwise, you may land in embarrassing situations to regret later. Following are TWO tips, which are very much fundamental to succeed on LinkedIn.

Ensure Transparency And Greater Visibility

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn does not add too much value to any emotional and personal touches and exchanges. Here, people come through professional goals or objectives. As and when you join LinkedIn, please make it clear to the audience about your intentions. Be transparent about your identity, professional association, roles and responsibilities, current job profile etc. Make it very clear, whether you are on the platform to promote you as a professional / consultant or you as an administrator or promoter of any particular business / brand. Those declarations will make you trustworthy and genuine. The audience on LinkedIn likes that kind of transparency and hence that directly or indirectly helps you to increase and expand your network on LinkedIn, including different relevant professional groups and sub-groups. Be regular on the platform. Maintain your professional networks by credible and beneficial actions and thoughts. Never dilute your professional voice or actions with silly personal matters, such as your own likes and dislikes, hobbies, personal relationship issues, affection or weakness to any animals (such as pets), prejudices etc. Be positive, pragmatic and inspiring at your business endeavors on LinkedIn.

Build Network Through Good Work

Be active on the platform. Post questions, blogs, real life business problems, cases, decision making crises etc., which directly address your business, its process, product, customers’ issues etc. Don’t adopt any ‘soap-culture’ on LinkedIn. If you’ve raised and posted a question, then you need to be there consistently to understand the reaction and responses of your audience and if required, you’ve to give the solutions too. Your sincere, consistent and quality contributions will definitely make you popular on LinkedIn. People will easily notice you, your business and brand. Gradually, you’ll create an influence over your audience that ultimately helps you in marketing your product/ service and brand. Remember that your competitors are not your enemies but valuable sources of learning. Find out who are not your competitors and develop strategic alliances with them. This is help you to create a stronger base to establish your words and deeds. Make your followers and customers feel that they are very much important for your business. That level of engagement will add enormous value to your identity and business.
The above two tips are indispensable to succeed on LinkedIn.

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