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2 Major Tools To Enhance SEM Results

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The broad term “Search Engine Marketing (SEM)” is a method used to acquire traffic from search engines and to increase visibility on search engines. SEM can be done by optimizing the website through free and organic methods known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, focused traffic can also be obtained through paid advertising commonly referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC).

Search engines are becoming extremely complex due to their complicated algorithms which are being frequently updated. Therefore, for a company to stay at the top of search engine rankings is a challenge, as it is not a simple case of building links or website architecture anymore. In addition to this, the unpaid optimization has created competition between the peer groups even more fierce.The companies who want to outperform their rivals on the search engine rankings and therefore in the incoming targeted traffic percentage need to seriously think about competitor analysis tools like the, ” SEO Competitor Analysis Tool” developed by LXR Marketplace.

In addition to competitor analysis, companies also need to analyse the performance of their keywords used in advertising. There is a need to understand which keywords are more helpful in meeting the digital strategy goals on various search engine networks. Furthermore, they also need to improve the efficiency of keyword usage. There are several tools available for keyword usage performance analysis and a very useful tool called, “PPC Keyword Performance Analyzer” has been developed by LXR Marketplace.

The above mentioned tools are free and are highly recommended for enhancing the SEM results described as follows:

1. SEO Competitor Analysis Tool:competitor analysis

This tool helps to provide an overview and analysis of a company’s website visibility, as compared to its competitors by taking into consideration various SEO metrics like page size, flash usage and link popularity etc. This tool requires the URL webpage of the company and that of its competitors’. Additionally, it also needs the keywords and search phrase. On the basis of which, this tool presents a comparison report on how well the company is competing against its competitors for the targeted keyword or phrase. Also, assists in identifying the key optimization areas and important factors that will help in improving visibility and rankings on the search engines as compared to competitors.

  • Helps in identifying the factors which directly affect the search engine rankings with respect to link count, text/html ratio page size etc.
  • Report provides recommendations for enhancing the visibility of the website as compared to its competitor.
  • Compares the keyword density for a company and its competitors considering the factors like text, title, and links. It also analyses the keyword density to determine whether the website has any spam potential as per the norms of search engines.

2. PPC Keyword Performance Analyzer Tool:keywords

This tool is specifically designed to determine which keywords are making the campaigns more efficient and successful. It analyses the keywords being used in a campaign and then determines the performing keywords and the non performing keywords. Furthermore, the tool also determines the performance of keywords based on their revenue generation potential and conversion rate. It is compatible with Google AdWords and AdCentre.

  • This tool classifies the keywords into various categories as defined by the user.
  • The features of this tool enable quicker decisions during campaigns which is vital in the competitive digital marketing domain.

The SEO competitor analysis tool and the PPC keyword performance analyzer tool are a few free tools available online that will help enhance the Search engine marketing results for a website or campaign.


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