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2 Most Dangerous Social Media Marketing Mistakes That You Must Take An Action Against

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Predominantly, social media is a relationship and networking space. With its growing popularity across demography and locations, it has been evolved as a point of attraction for the corporate houses, business organizations, products, brands, other institutions and organizations, social issues and individual professionals. It is well understood that where there are people there is a prospective market, either physically or virtually. As a business organization or as a brand, if someone perceives that he or she can achieve a sales target radically on social media space then definitely it could be a fatal move. Social media runs, grows and develops with its natural instincts and it has its own DNA which determines its shapes and viral movements. An artificial intervention and tricks with some predetermined vested interests may spoil the purpose than expecting some benefits. Unlike other media and channels, it is very sensitive and even affected greatly by an individual’s values, preferences, comments and observations. As marketer, we need to be very much careful while exploring such space for commercial gains. We need to be aware about the following two most dangerous mistakes we often do on social media platforms.


Being impatient and overambitious to achieve BIG SALES target in a too short period

Forget about your sales target when you decide to join social media platforms. This should not be your primary consideration. Rather     you come there either as an individual or as a business or brand, just to be there along with others and to live the space with full energy and enthusiasm. You must be there to share and offer some new information, knowledge, data and insights to others. You need to be there as someone who would be interested to listen to people, understand their problems/requirements and then offer some solutions with your own capacity and credibility. Never try to sale anything directly on social media. Don’t confuse social media marketing with online marketing. Social media marketing is to some extent similar to fishing along with surfing on the waves. You need to be there where your audience is. You’ve to understand their concerns, purposes, living styles, relationship preferences and different other comfort levels. The more you understand your audience, better you can design your marketing plan. It is nice to install automated systems to respond your audience and navigate them from a landing page to your sales funnel. But be cautioned if it is too early to push them to the funnel. It is always better to gain their confidence and trust before you channelize them for your goal.

Being negligent to build your credibility and competency for value addition

Please don’t be crazy on the social media space. Be patient and invest quality time with your audience. Never share ‘copy-n-paste’ information with them. Be sincere to offer something new and refreshing to their existing knowledge and information. Invite and allow them to comment on your posts. Ensure that your audience is engaged with you. Be genuine about what you can offer, how you can offer and when you can offer. If you ever make a promise, try to fulfill in time without delaying that further. Here the most important thing is ‘building trust and credibility’ of you as the page administrator and as a brand or business. Your customers would appreciate ‘how much value you add to their life and their association with you on social media space’. Don’t wrongly perceive that a high end brand will gain popularity on social media just by making a presence there. ‘What you do’ matters the most on the social media than ‘what you are’.

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