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2 Most Trustworthy Web/ Google Analytics Tips

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The world in the 21st century largely wants to be online most of the time. Therefore, work profile of Data Analyst has evolved with the course of time. Earlier Data Analyst job required only a thorough study of data which seemed quite an easy task. However, this study has become so vast today that it seems the Data Analyst can be termed as ‘Scientist of 21st century‘. Data Analyst works on data throughout the day to bring out some insight out of the dead data.

Web Analytics go hand in hand with Google Analytics and some other tools which turn the impossible into possible. Google Analytics allow the analyst to go in deeper waters of data. Therefore, it is very important for an Analyst to use tricks or shortcuts while analyzing complex data.

Some of the tricks mentioned below are :-

1) Use Weighted Analytics

Google Analytics allow an analyst to use shortcuts when working on large volumes of data. WEIGHTED SORT helps in sorting out the data as per importance,  rather than just showing all in the numerical order. This actually helps in eliminating the non-productive data.

Here is a very good example of studying the Weighted Analytics in Bounce rates.

Google Analytics - br 1

The above picture displays the very few visits which has bounce rate of 100% which cannot be used in any kind of analysis.

Now by selecting Sort type from DEFAULT to WEIGHTED  can give better results.


This tool shows a large number of visits with less bounce rate. This clearly means that these pages enhance engagement among visitors.

2) Can export 20000 rows in spreadsheet

Google Analytics has done a tremendous job to prove the worthiness of good quality data. However, Data Analyst still needs to play with the data to build the confidence level . Therefore, it is needed to export the data in spread sheets.

Basically, one can see that there are thousands of rows in Google Analytics. However, there is a limit to download upto 500 rows in one go.

Google Analytics provides us the facility to adjust the URL to download more number of rows in one go.

First, select the ‘500’ number of rows to be displayed in the report


Once the “500” is reflected in the long URL String, it can be replaced with whatever number of rows (20000 being the upper limit).In the picture depicted below,  there are 15008 number of rows.


Google Analytics has maintained the essence of  technology, meant to make work simpler and more efficient. This has brought a revolution in the Data Analysis industry.

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