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2 Remarketing Tools In Search Engine Marketing

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Google has improved Remarketing features tremendously in 2013. Remarketing is not as simple as setting up an Adwords campaign. In fact it requires tagging your website and setting up Remarketing lists. This technique is useful for websites which have a traffic of more than 10000 customers. But this does not mean that if the traffic is less you cannot do Remarketing. When there are fewer visitors you touch the customers again and again with your ads and because the costs are less, non conversions would not hurt the business.

The 2 basic tools of Remarketing are :

RLSA (Remarketing Lists For search Ads) :

The easiest way to get started on RLSA is to take 10 to 20 highest performing ad groups and then copy them into a new campaign. In the new campaign you set up your remarketing audience as needed and then take the same audience as negative for your existing campaigns. This ensures that a visitor who had visited your site earlier , will get to see your ads as and when the visitor does any other search on Google.

With RLSA campaigns you select customers who have already been on your website and are likely to convert. So you use keywords that are more generic. For example the advertiser could use terms like’ bath towels ‘, ‘ buy towels’ etc. whereas earlier he would have used very targeted keywords like ‘ large cotton bath towels ‘.

As customers don’t follow a set search pattern, they could go for a broad search and then narrow search and then do a broad search again. Hence your ad should be such that whatever the search pattern, these customers should click on your ad to go back to your site.

Try out new ad messages because by definition the searchers would have seen your original ads. List out all the different benefits of your product and try and add all benefits in one ad but if that is not possible try different benefits in different ads and then focus on ads which convert better. Focus on educating your leads and evolving your ad messages such that users see the entire spectrum of benefits . This will ensure conversions and higher ROI.

Dynamic Remarketing :

Dynamic Remarketing is the latest feature on Google in the world of Remarketing. Dynamic Remarketing uses Google shopping feed to show specific products to users who have browsed through your site. The picture of the product and its price is displayed on the ad and it follows the visitor whenever he browses on Google. These ads look good as they display a picture and they are easy to set up as there are several layouts to choose from.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Its not clear to understand the switching from broad search to narrow search and again broad search. What is the benefit of this switching?

    • 5 years ago

      Priya Bhatiani   /   Reply

      Good piece of information Ritu! I feel in Remarketing one very important setting is membership duration i.e how long you want to target the customer. Because too much of ad all over the internet might annoy customer.

    • 5 years ago

      Apurva Ramteke   /   Reply

      RLSA (Remarketing Lists For search Ads) is good and informative, but i didn’t understand Dynamic Remarketing fully, It could have been little bit more descriptive I guess.

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