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2 Secret Inbound Marketing Tips To Make Your Presence Felt Online

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The online presence of any company, university, business school, hospitals, governance bodies and others, has become essential in the context of current market scenario. It has become a mandatory requirement for an educational institution, if it is willing for any kind of academic accreditation. The hospitals need their online presence to boost medical tourism and to reach out their past, present and future beneficiaries. It is true that the internet and eCommerce have opened up many opportunities for different type of organizations, including business organizations and individual professionals. But, merely having a colorful website and few memberships with the social networking sites, do not guarantee your ensured and powerful online presence of your organization or brand.

With a website or a social media account/page, you qualify to enter into the virtual world but still you have to do lots more to be distinctively visible and accessible to the online traffic. There is a unique difference or gap between ‘logging into the virtual world and the online marketplace’ and ‘making your online presence felt by your audience’. The more you can reduce the gap, the more is your chance to get business. How would you reduce the gap? How to be effectively shown-up online? The following are 2 secrets to ensure your powerful and dominating presence online:

  • CONTENT IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS: The content is everything for building an identity or image. The content reveals your personality and credibility. Authentic and high quality content brings you hope and prosperity in the digital space. So, develop a powerful content with appropriate keywords to make it Search Engine friendly. You can strategically decide and develop your content in combination of many popular and useful alternatives. Understand the need and expectations of your target audience, their comfort level about the use of different devices and accordingly develop the content. An effective content may include a combination of the blogs, newsletters, eBooks, white papers, brochures / catalogs, videos, infographic, offers, coupons, ‘call-to-action buttons’, pop-up windows etc.
  • ENSURE YOUR OMNIPRESENCE: It is a must for optimizing your chances to be shown-up in different search engines. So, make sure that you are there everywhere across the popular social and digital media platforms. Be active and regularly keep in touch with your followers, network people, groups and communities. Participate and contribute to different discussion forums. Be sincere and passionate to share your content with your networks. Increase the number of your followers and expand your social and professional circles. Link all your social and digital media accounts / pages to your official website and create a multi-channel distribution system (e.g. With the help of buffer application). Remember that about 70% of all online reaches are organic.

Have not yet given up my learning spree. Recently doing internship at Digital Vidya.

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