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2 Simple Ways Of Managing Twitter Notifications Through TweetDeck

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Twitter is one of the most widely used social networking site. Twitter gets its goody points for being a platform where people can post short messages. It is also known as a micro-blogging platform. The age old methodologies of meeting customers and sending them updates over mails have been left behind by the advent of this messaging platform.

Twitter was introduced as a social networking site which help an individual to stay connected to people whom they like, send out messages, publish short posts etc. This platform has got its own unique characteristic which makes it different from other social networking sites.

Many organizations or individuals use Twitter as their only platform to stay connected to their people. The advantage of Twitter is that it limits the size of a post rather than making it look like a blog. This helps in saving a lot of time. One can just post a tweet along with the website link, which in turn forces the visitors to check out the website and read further. This helps in increasing the traffic to a website as Twitter reach out to a large number of people.

Organizations or individuals these days use multiple Twitter accounts in order to improve their functionality. It is also mandatory to have a separate personal and professional Twitter account. Using personal Twitter account for professional requirements is considered to be a poor strategy as this may lead to lot of confusion among people and leave a bad impression in visitors’ mind.

As the necessity of multiple accounts has been emphasized, now the concern is to handle them efficiently. It is not an easy task. If these multiple accounts are not handled properly, one may tend to miss out some of the prospective leads, important messages, follow up tweets and other important events. Logging in and logging out from different account and keeping a track of tweets on all these accounts can turn out be very cumbersome.

In order to overcome these issues, Twitter has come up with an amazing tool called TweetDeck.

What is TweetDeck?

Handling multiple Twitter accounts can be really challenging for an organization or an individual. Introduction of TweetDeck has resolved this issue. TweetDeck is a dashboard application through which one can access all their Twitter accounts under one roof. Using this application, one can post tweets, set timelines, keep a track of their mentions, favorites, Hashtags, trends etc.  One can post tweets on multiple accounts simultaneously. The tweets can be posted instantaneously or can be scheduled for future. Scheduling the tweets is one very good feature of TweetDeck as it allows the users to research on various time zones and post accordingly. This in turn increases the readership and saves a lot of valuable time. One need not sit in front of computer all the time to post their tweets. Twitter keeps pumping in lot of notifications according to the users likes and these notifications are really useful and should be dealt efficiently. TweetDeck provides the solution for this as well.

There are two simple ways of monitoring the notifications on a TweetDeck. They are:

1. Notifications on TweetDeck:

Once a Twitter account is set up and the page has been kept really active, notifications start pouring in. These notifications will be relevant as these are generated according to our interests, likes and people whom we follow. These notifications could be seen clearly on a Twitter page.

TweetDeck enables us to import these notifications to its dashboard by clicking on Add Column >> Notification feature. Once this is set, all the notifications like new followers, favorites, tweets, retweets etc. get imported to the desktop and one can just scroll up and down to check them. 

One can choose the type of notification one would like to see. This feature ensures that TweetDeck displays specific notifications rather than flooding the desktop. One can generate separate column for different types of notifications or a single column can inform you about notifications from different accounts as these accounts could be connected.

The replying feature alters itself depending on the account about which there is a mention in a tweet. When a New Tweet is initiated, the reply features sets itself to the default account. On the other hand, if some tweet has a mention about one of your account, then the reply features set automatically to this account. The necessity of changing the default account every time is curtailed here.

2. Complete control: 

One can take full control of what needs to be delivered on your desktop. This helps to avoid clutter on the desktop and gives clarity to the user. For example, if an individual wants only the mentions to be delivered on the desktop, TweetDeck allows to select the mention column and as a result one can reply to the tweets immediately. Other notifications will not be displayed on the desktop. This feature helps to take full charge of all your accounts without any problem. TweetDeck allows you to set your customised columns which need to be included in the notifications. One can use various search results to generate their column. The following features could be used to customise these columns:

    • “Full Name”: Displays the tweets having mention of full name.
    • Twitter account: Displays the tweets having mention of your twitter account.
    • Website: Displays tweets having the website mentioned.
    • OR: one of the above fields should be included in searches
    • -from:@twitter handle: excludes the tweets of self
    • -@twitter handle: excludes the tweets where the account has been tagged. One may use separate column for this.

The above mentioned tools with TweetDeck help to set your searches according to your requirement. Everybody has their unique requirement as far as their Twitter account is concerned. These features come very handy to modify TweetDeck as per the requirement.

The advantage of TweetDeck is not limited to bringing all your Twitter account under one control. Additionally, the features with TweetDeck really help to manage your account effectively and efficiently. TweetDeck helps in reducing the time taken to manage all the notifications for an account. These notifications are really important as they help us to connect with people who share similar thoughts and likes and this cool application serves the purpose!

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