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2 Social Media Marketing Tips That Help You Shine Brighter

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Want to succeed with social media marketing? Read on to find 2 very important social media marketing tips discussed in detail.

1. Create committed fan group

Another proven and time-tested marketing strategy which is equally good for social media is premised on the accumulation of a committed group of followers rather than aiming at a very large or unlimited group of unknown followers.  Here, it is these followers who effectively act as your aides and agents.  The success of this strategy is not consequential on the response of the random or unknown fans who happen to see one particular tweet.  Rather, most of the contributions in such a marketing style come from either the committed fans with whom you have built close relationship over a period of time or real fans amongst the audience of your committed followers.

In order to build lasting relationships and enhance your fan following, it is necessary to make people feel that they are important for you.  To achieve this goal, various social networks may be used to make people feel important and also loyal to you in the following ways:

Facebook: An exclusive series highlighting those members of the audience who are doing great job may be launched.  Attractive graphics should be used to highlight the special status of such people so that other followers in the audience follow them.

Google: Select one audience member and link his post to a few of the posts of other members.  A brief background explaining the reasons why you feel that your audience should mark this person, will help.

Twitter: From time to time tweet out some of the posts of  your members in the audience so as to expose them to your entire following  on the Twitter.  To achieve best results, the last tweet on any day should explain  your reasons for doing this.

LinkedIn: Its publishing platform can be used for creating a post for highlighting the performance of some member of your audience.  People should be informed of the reasons for which they should add that person to this network.

2. Facilitate and aid your connections

One of the sure shots to expand your business in modern times through social media is to be useful to your most important customers in expanding their own business. This sounds to be a fool-proof strategy because majority of your customers are concerned about growth of their own businesses through social networks more than anything else. This goal of helping your important customers to grow their own businesses can be achieved by following the tips mentioned below :

Share information of their interest: As a component of smart strategy, you should keep a watch on what your most important customers are sharing on the social platforms and then link them to that information which really enthuse them. By making your information more personalized and customized to their needs, wonderful results are assured.

Introduce Your Connections: You can open up the doors of opportunities for your important customers if their networks grow with the introductions made by you. For this purpose, people who can be of value to your important customers should be identified on a regular basis and be introduced to them from time to time.

Facilitate Your Connections: The social networks give a perfect platform for promotion of business connections. You can promote your important customers whenever you find some material written about them or when they themselves publish some content.  It will be a good idea to invest some time in assisting your important customers in their efforts.  It will increase your influence and help immensely in your business.

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