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2 Stealth Moves for Sales Management

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Many have heard statements related to sales rep like “sales rep are like vending machines” or “the only way to make reps perform better is to turn up the dial on activities” are often heard. These statements are well echoed in the sales world that are offensive to both sales rep and sales leader.  If sales manager is leading a team where reps are told to pound the phones, are handed quota, and merely incentivized by cash prizes, then they are actually leaving a great deal of rep potential on table every month.

Now actually more sales teams are shifting to an inbound sales model, and are using a variety of online prospective tools.

So if company wants to enable the reps to be more inclined and contemplated in 2014 while also having power to positively impact the sales process, below listed are two stealth sales management moves.

  • All the data should be made transparent

By saying that make all data transparent, it actually means everything i.e. – call data, CRM data, pipeline data, email data, revenue data and bookings. The reps should be left alone so that they can compare their own goals, and against their peers. Let them know what they are forecasted to close this month.

Letting sales rep see and analyze their performance data is the best way to motivate them as sunlight is the best disinfectant. They can easily look at the top performers to set better performance benchmarks for themselves in addition to comparing themselves against their peers. By doing this they also get a better understanding of what their opponents are doing. This ways the reps work smarter in their job and not harder.

Also the company should post goals ad metrics internally to keep reps motivated.

  • Let the reps do experiments

Nowadays a new way to increase sales is change. The sales process should be routinely iterated and sales should experiment constantly. If they are not doing so then their biggest competitors are ready to eat their share of proverbial market pie.

The sales manager is responsible to give his sales reps some variety and agency to create change. Each sales rep can be considered as a combatant against sales complacency and tools should be given them to run small experiments, like:-

  • New sales script should be tried
  • New ways should be explored to attack a phone tree
  • Different task should be experimented

Let the reps create their own experiments. The reps not only feel more motivated and empowered, but the entire team continues to find new ways to sell effectively and crush down the competition.

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