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2 Step Process Of Creating And Importing Emails Through MailChimp

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MailChimp is a web based email marketing application and service provider. With 7 million users, they send over 10 billion emails per month. With their free account, they allow to send 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers.

With this post we will learn how to create and import emails through MailChimp in 2 steps.

Before getting started, few check points:
  • Your email list should be legitimately gathered, that is collected with the permission to send them emails.
  • You cannot send emails to the purchased list else you will be labeled as spammer.

For more information on email list, please read the MailChimp blog post:

Step 1: Creating a list

After you login, click on the list on the menu item on the dashboard, then again on the create list item and fill in the following items:

List Name – Enter the list name for the list being uploaded, say for example company newsletter.

Default From Name – A name from whom the email is been received from, that’s usually the company name.

Default Reply-to Email – If people receive your email and they hit the reply button then this is the email they will be replying to.

Default Subject Line – The subject line which the email will carry.

Note: Keep your subject line short, descriptive and tempting. Avoid spammy words like free, click now etc which might trigger the spam filters. Words like help, remainder, 50% or any kind of % off are identified as words which put people off opening your email.

Remind People How They Got On Your List – This will appear in the footer of your email and should remind people how they got on to your email list. Like signing up for newsletter on your website or opting in for email updates when they made purchase on your web.

Is This The Correct Contact Info For The List? – Most likely when you created your mail chimp account you would have provided this information, which will by default appear here. It is always important to provide the physical mailing address in your emails as per CAN SPAM rules.

SAVE – Click on the save button and your list is created.

Step 2: Importing contacts

Once you created your list, you will be directed to list import page. You can get to know more about your list and what kinds of list are allowed by clicking learn more button on this page.

There are different ways by which you can import your email address onto your list.

  • Upload from file
  • Copy/paste from excel

Other services like

  • Sales Force
  • High Rise
  • Google contacts
  • Google docs
  • Freshbooks
  • Surveygizmo
  • Events Brite
  • Zen desk

The popular, quick and easy way is importing a csv file from your computer. Once the list is imported then map the fields as per the upload. Like first name to first name, email address to email address and so on. Once you have mapped all the fields, click on done and the email address are imported with statistics of the import is displayed.

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      Aditya   /   Reply

      Can you share what to write in the “Remind People How They Got On Your List” section and how much time it takes for the list to be ready for campaigns?

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      Joydeep   /   Reply

      Hi Tejaswini,

      Nice Article,

      It would be great, if you can share some ideas about ” how to increase open rate” “how to land the mailer on primary section for gmail users” “how we can optimize for device level.

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