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2 Tips By Web Analysts For Using Google Analytics In Best Possible Manner

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We all know that Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most efficient tool in Web Analytics space. As per the Google search, 51% of fortune 500 companies use GA in their digital marketing strategies.

Though the tool seems to be simple in its demonstration, however, it can be one of the most complex tool ever. Here are the 2 tips to make best possible use of the GA tool.

1) Track Conversions as goals in GA

Goal conversion is one of the most important metric for any business.In context of e-commerce website, goal conversion means that the visitor visiting the website should be converted into some sale or revenue. In simple words, it is the sales made on-line out of the traffic coming to website.

In Particular there are 4 types of goals :-

  1. URL Destination – Goal completed when visitor views defined URL.
  2. Visit Duration – Goal completed when visitor spends X amount of time on site.
  3. Page/Visit – Goal completed when visitor views X number of pages on site.
  4. Event – Goal completed when visitor takes a predefined action.

URL Destination and Event goal type are likely be used for tracking goal conversions.

2) Track social media, online marketing webites and emails in GA

Social media, emails and on-line marketing website plays an important role in routing traffic to the business. Analytics should always be able to figure out the right source of traffic and more importantly segment the audience in right categories rather than looking the traffic in all.

By pursuing the above task mentioned above, analyst can turn basic level information into process of improving business. Thereby, opening the new windows of opportunity to enhance business.

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